Welcome to the Space Community!

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Greetings earthlings

After some time thinking I decided to go ahead and create A community here on Hive dedicated to Space.

This community is for everything space related.

wether your an Astronomer, Space Conspiracy theorist or Just like the topic space then look no further.



I created this community because I noticed that I struggled to find content relating to space and I wanted to change that. I want to create A space community here right on Hive.

Hive will surely go to the Moon now!


The community is far from done in fact I'm still making changes!

My vision however is simple and that is to build this community and have passionate users utilise it and Together build A passionate community here on Hive.

Everyone is welcome here newbie or expert you are all welcome.

Thanks for reading.

Special thanks too @c0ff33a @iamraincrystal @shmoogleosukami @chrisrice @guruvaj thank you for your advice.

Here is an image I created that if you want to post content space-related you are most welcome to Use it is yours :)



Give me a lil time my friend and I shall make some time to create a lil content on the topic that is the greatest mystery in the galaxy and probably the one that creates the most existentially challenging questions, such as.

  • Is there life out there?
  • How far can we travel and how much of it can we discover in our lifetime?
  • Did we really come from beyond, which makes us the aliens.
  • Why does a labrador need a fire extnguisher anyway???

Uhm... With hindsight, that last question may just be mine and mine alone!

Good call Chris, making a community based around one of your great passions. Wish you the very best of luck man, I will be back ;)

thank you so much @stevenwood that is very kind of you :) haha dog with fire extinguisher love it! and thanks again the community is going to the moon and beyond!

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No doubt about it my friend!


Wow! So glad you went ahead with your plan 😉👍🏼 you are welcome to promote on @dbuzz 😊😊

thank you for the advice and motivation to go ahead with the idea :)

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Very good.
When will be the space launch, any countdown timer?

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