Tune Out the World With These Cheap Earbuds

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I wasn't a fan of wireless earphones, because honestly, they can be quite annoying to use. Ugh, technology right? What I like best about the good old-fashioned and less techy earphones is its straightforwardness. Just plug it in your phone or mp3 player and voilà, music's on easy-peasy. No hassle of connecting and disconnecting. You don't even have to charge and recharge those. The minor inconvenience of regular earphones is having tangled wire dangle around your body. I guess it's just one way to show people that you're in your own world and you don't care. You don't want to be bothered.

Now with this earbuds technology, I still have to do a lot of things before I can even listen to my music. There's this whole turning the Bluetooth on first then making sure it is connected and all. The next thing I know, I'm already hearing some creeps singing around me. Not so useful if you want to literally block human beings first things first as you walk around the town.

I had this $50 JBL Bluetooth earphones that I left in my jacket pocket. After doing the laundry, I realized that my newly bought earphones came out squeaky clean too. So there, now I'm back to the good old-school cheap earphones. At least I won't ever feel bad if I lose them or left them in the laundry again. But then I came across this cheap Lenovo earbuds online and thought I could give this wireless little thingy a chance in my everyday life.

Forgive those visible dusts that won't go away lol.


I'm afraid to buy some expensive earbuds and waste money again. I think this one isn't so bad. It comes with a small charging case that I can easily notice before I do the laundry lol. For $10, I get to the tune out the outside world for a few hours. And it's working. I haven't forgotten not to wash them too which is great!


The sound quality is okay. Bass sound is meh. I guess you can't expect that much from a $10 earbuds. You have your music and you don't hear anything else around you (be careful of passing creeps and vehicles though), what else can you ask for? It serves it purpose alright.


It comes with a nice and sleek charging dock which can charge the earphones anytime and anywhere. You can tune out the noisy world for a couple of hours more.

Some of the things I find inconvenient with these earbuds is having to reconnect at times. There's a bit of delay when pausing and playing a song whenever I tap the earphone. Make sure to pause the music ahead of time before attempting to engage with people otherwise you'll gonna have to ask them to repeat what they've said.

The design is cool and doesn't hurt my ears even if I wear them for a long time. Even though I find the earbuds fashionable, it can feel weird to leave them in your ears without some music playing especially if you're not used to it. The outside noise is reduced and things don't affect you anymore, but who doesn't like that though? Ignorance is bliss. Overall, this is still a decent $10 earbuds that you can find in the market. Let's see how long this is gonna last. I just think you don't need something overpriced just to observe and enjoy your surroundings with your own playlist, right?


Cheap earbuds are great for music. The delay is terrible for video or games in my experience. Can be hit or miss with the ear fit, but the dude at the tech store taught me to open my mouth a bit before putting in the buds and that helps.

Taking calls is okay too. I will try playing some vids and see.

open my mouth a bit before putting in the buds and that helps.

Thanks for the tip!

 7 months ago (edited) 

Sabes hay algo muy bueno de estos audífonos a pesar de las cosas negativas que dices de ellos y es que cuando ya los has conectado ya no te pueden volver a molestar, ya que no hay cables y ni ninguna otra cosa que obstruya su libre uso, lo bueno también es que su batería les dura mucho. Algo que te puedo asegurar es que estos son de mejor cálida que los primeros de cables..

Me entristece mucho que ayas mojado tus antiguos audífonos de 50 dolares es muy triste.

Para mi estos son mejores por mucho en mi caso cuando uso la moto. Lo uno que debo hacer es manejar con cuidado mientras me pierdo en su sonido...

You know there is something very good about these headphones despite the negative things you say about them and that is that when you have already connected them they can not bother you again, since there are no wires or anything else that obstructs their free use, the good thing is also that your battery lasts them long. One thing I can assure you is that these are much warmer than the first ones with wires.

I am very sad that you got your old 50 dollar headphones wet, it is very sad.

For me these are better by far in my case when I use the bike. The one thing I have to do is to drive carefully while I get lost in their sound....

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Yes, after a while, I'm feeling the positive advantages of my earbuds now. I think I will upgrade it soon enough! Thanks for the comment. 😊

Sssszzzzzjit earbuds gone :(
Uhm, maybe less fashionable, but I would opt for proper headphones. A bit more expensive to cheapo earbuds, but when getting the right headphones the music zounds soooo mucho better that the mind is automatically pushed to a kinda 'heaven' ;)

the mind is automatically pushed to a kinda 'heaven'

I agree. I think I'm gonna upgrade my earbuds soon enough! There's just so much pleasure listening to music while I'm outside lol. I just need to put them in a bigger case so I won't forget putting them in the laundry lol.

...orrrrrr stop laundering 😱

Right, who needs clean clothes lol.

lolololol :)

I think it is the general fear of forgetting the headphones in a piece of clothing and that they will be washed, I implemented in my cable headphones to have a special bag for them, being large it is difficult to forget in a pocket since it is bulky, sometimes a few cheap headphones get us out of the way and prevent us from having to listen to the annoying noise of the city, I think that as long as they comply with that, everything will be fine

it is the general fear of forgetting the headphones

Spot on! I like when you said "general fear" haha it makes me feel like I'm not the only forgetful person in the world.

I will upgrade my earphones soon and I think I will get a bigger bag or case so I won't forget not to leave them in the laundry 😊

if perhaps something colorful or that makes some kind of noise like a rattle will help not to forget them, good luck with the new pair

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