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After I published my latest post this Sunday, I went on a trip to the countryside where my friend's family lives. I had a mission; actually, two missions. To give her the clock that appeared here but the more important thing was to spend with her some days. Why not? I had some free days, my friend was looking forward to us spending a few days with her and my son went on holiday on his own. Everything was perfect for this little trip to happen.


We just arrived home, so it is kind of getting used to the normal again. Having an unlimited internet connection and time for Hive - that is now a novelty! 😁 I took my laptop on this short trip but I didn't use it at all. Do you see this landscape? It looks like exploring some different planet, the only thing is that we didn't meet aliens there. No phone or internet connection - nothing! We didn't meet almost anyone actually. Just her family, their cats, one wild hare and two partridges between the bushes.

We had the opportunity to enjoy complete silence during that Sunday afternoon, had dinner with the family of my friend and later went to the village to her place. It was a back to civilisation moment, but I was a bit tired from the hiking and went to sleep early. Monday brought some interesting adventures and other activities, mixed with episodes of fighting my migraine so once again, I went to sleep very early.


There, among these mountains, people find peace and a perfect spot to spend the hot summer days. It is not bad at all, as the breeze gives so much freshness. Also, I liked to see the fruits that were growing in the orchard, like grapes, plums, loquats, almonds, and olives. Some fruits still need time to ripen though.




The fig fruits also need some time to ripen but we did find a few to open the fig-eating season. Luck for me - as I like this fruit. Its thin, soft skin protected the reddish, sweet interior, but not for a long time. Although it rested peacefully in the palm of my hand, it disappeared a few moments after I took this photo.

Probably the fig fruit has also gone offline as it happened to me. 😉

I felt that I was missing being around Hive as I usually do... saw some posts that I want to read now and I promise to bring the adventure we went through yesterday morning {😱}, the murals I saw in the afternoon and the "time-travelling" journey from today. No more spoilers. 😋



I want to try to experience this. Being away from the usual daily activities. I guess this would put my mind at peace for some time. There is no internet connection, and there is no use of any gadgets. Just focus on the nature around me. How I wish. 🫶

It's easy. We turn off our gadgets and connection - so we are offline. But nature is also an important part of this exercise :))
But it is also true, that when we are at home and no other thing to do, then we spend our time in front of the screen...

Work obliges us to use our gadgets and the internet even when we're at home. It's really nice to disconnect for us to reconnect. Disconnect from the use of gadgets and the internet and connect to people who are dear to our hearts.

Walking, fruits and disconnection, sounds wonderful and tempting.

You already feel anxious about getting away from hive for a long time 🤣 @mipiano , I know how it feels.

Yeah, it was just like two and a half days that I was in the mode of only going quickly through my feed and nothing else (well, I managed to respond to some comments the first day) and I felt weird hahaha. That was not really satisfying hahaha - actually, it was like a withdrawal crisis 😂

🤣😅😁 You are already a little detoxified

I will try to do my best to toxify myself again well 😂

Good for you, and those fruits, wow! I would have raided them, haha! Sometimes with limited connection and no signals forces us to have a break from the screen and unwind. Hope you had a good break. 🩷😊

Yeah, if we can't do a break by ourselves then the surroundings ( the circumstances) do it for us 😁

Ohoo, seems like you enjoy the trip so much, even me will enjoy if I also see and discovered something amazing during that short trip. And it is also like a rest in your always busy week days no, hehe. Countryside is always the best, could be boring sometimes coz of slow internet connection, if you're unlucky you won't get any signal at all, but that's where the fun and exciting activity can happy, as we feel bored, we tend to do something else and turn that boring moment into a hell of adventure ✨✨✨

and turn that boring moment into a hell of adventure

This is always a very needed activity - to make ourselves an adventure that will last in our memory 😇
and laugh a lot. we did it when it was a bit uncertain how we would manage to solve the problem hahaha

ugh you make me miss the countryside already. we didn't have grapes but we had a variety of other fruits and vegetables to pick from. It seems you had fun with your offline moments ^^

Yes, it was so nice to do my daily life in a bit different way ;))
I had fun which will not be forgotten easily 😇

Sometimes disconnecting comes in handy! What a beautiful place you show us in those images, I'll be waiting soon to read your adventures 🤗

It does, but I have to be forced to do it hahaha 🤦‍♀😂

We cannot appreciate the beauty of nature if we spend long screen time. That place is a place for relaxation. I wish I could see a grape plant. Hehe. You are lucky you have a lot in your place, even the plums.

I wish I could see a grape plant.

Here come then more grapevines for you. They grow like this



Oh my, they're beautiful. Thank you for showing me.🥰

Ohhh, grapes at hand!☺️ I wonder how it feels like being surrounded by this abundance of nature.

Grapes at hand, indeed:


Surrounded by nature feels good, for the body and soul 😇

Sometimes it is very good to pause this digital media. and be a witness of silent nature which gives more energy for body and mind. We have to do that from time to time. Your post is very nice with amazing photos. Looking forward to reading more about your experience, talented Young Lady. a hug!

You are so right, @hindavi, we have to do this from time to time. I will try to use my holiday to spend some more time in nature although there are always things to do around the home, so... a balance is needed 😇


Living the best part of what we call life. Those offline moments are so rare these days but will always remain priceless <3

The best part of life - yes, life indeed 😋

As soon as I saw the grapes 🍇 in your post my mind remembered my grandmother Tita who when I was a girl peeled the grapes for me to eat. Those look beautiful. Always those visits to friends are comforting. Good for you my friend.🥰❤️

Memories of your grandmother that came from these grapes... I am happy about that, Mamani 😇 I hope you are doing well? Many greetings to you 🍇🍇🍇

I used to be surrounded by this kind of vibes and you just made me nostalgic. It's awesome to breathe the air in olaces like this, and to eat fruits until you just can't anymore. Such a lovely getaway 🙌🏼❤️

That is great to be surrounded by nature, right? This little gateway also made me remember my youth and that feeling of a summer afternoon spent with a family and breathing that air. 🌿

I want that time travel, I want it! hahaha!

You know I love grapes, I love them! And the fruit from the orchard is incomparable with the fruit from the greengrocer's shop.... has taste hahaha

A few days of relaxation never hurts, I go to the beach twice a week now and it is beautiful.

I look forward to those posts and I'm glad you spent some time with your friend, it's good for the soul.

The time travel happened in two different places; in one... 🏰 and in a... 🏛, but both on the same day 😂

Time with friends you can't see often is like a balm for the soul 😉

You will tell us about those trips at some point .... castle, I want that one!

I have a backlog of Wednesday Walk posts to publish first...🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 but castle will come too one of these days. :) It was super interesting, we had a guided visit 😊

I'll read them all! There's always something fascinating to read, don't forget the prince!

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