Sunday Happenings: Wonderful Time of My Family

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It's Sunday today and we will go to the church to pray and listen to the gospel of the GOD from the pastor. It's always a habit of my little family to go here every Sunday because we value the word of GOD and we value how important to have GOD in our lives he is the center of our family.

Before I met my wife, I didn't want to go to the church because I thought that going to the church is a waste of time and you will only listen just like you were student that have a class and listen it. Here I thought that it's only okay to just pray in my room when it's time to bed but I think as a believer now it is important to listen to the gospels of the GOD and how good he was. He cares for every one and miracle did happened according to the bible that no one could ever imagined.

Then I met my wife who was a believer and she glorifies the gospels to the pastor from the bible and then she said the good things about it then I was convinced after that. Then, we went together as a family to listen to these gospels.

There are lots of activities from our church because it will lasts for three hours. First will be the gospel then the kids will sing a song in front of the people, next will be a song for Christ (a song consist of Christian songs with a happy song and a sad song at the end of it), then giving tithes, after giving tithes, there will be a thank you for the blessing of the GOD on the happenings of their whole week, lastly will be another gospel or something like a small lecture about GOD again. Even if it's three long hours but your time will be worth it.

As always, my daughter play inside the church with her old friends from before and they will see each other every Sunday because their house is far away from our house. She is also happy that I brought her favorite drink which is Chuckie! I bought the chuckie from the store not faraway from the church because I know that my daughter really loves drinking chuckie.

After we went to the church, we eat in a small restaurant because it's already noon and after eating. We bought some snacks in the afternoon, we bought a sandwich and a canned food that is a "karne norte" it's a similar taste of a corned beef.

We had a wonderful time together with my family and I am happy that we've got a time for going to the church together.

We ended our day from going to church, eating in a restaurant, and with a snack of a sandwich that has a cooked corned beef. We were happy and I hope that we will continue being like this for the next week. Also, I went outside for a walk for my daily exercise and I will tell you about what did I do on my late afternoon walk on my next blog.

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Your family is a circle of strength, founded in faith, joined in love, kept by God!

That is correct. I'm thankful to have a family like this.

Seems like a great sunday to me. It is a good decision to gota the church with my family, i have to do the same, because I don't go as often as I should.

👍 !PGM

It is really cool to see these small cozy churches. A place we can come together for spiritual growth.

It's a small one because there are only few members in this church. I was a Catholic before but I migrated to this one because my wife is also here.

Ganito yung typical na Family,pinagbuklod ng panginoon..
😇God Bless us All..


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its good that you're exposing your child to this in a young age, she will be a good person for sure with you're guidance and God.

The family that prays together stays together. Such an old saying that is still very relevant in these modern times.


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