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Hello everyone I'm back with a three hive giveaway all you need to do to get involved is comment on this post and rehive this post that's it I will pick out a winner this time next week if this goes well I will try and do a giveaway like this every week also feel free to subscribe and post in the star's community it's a community that's open to everyone all content welcome as long as it's original

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What was your inspiration? Looks like two lions with some sort of Magi in their snouts.

Have you named it yet? I would call it LEO2. Then again I have heard that many artists like the beholder to interpret the message.

My nephew would love the colors as orange is his favorite. Thank you for sharing your talent.

No inspiration I just enjoy creating and I actually created this out of another piece I created before I really enjoy experimenting

I've not named it yet but Leo ² sounds great

When I create something else I will make sure to create a orange version thanks for stopping by 🤝

OK. First, this is a beautiful work of art. I love the colors and the patterns. The colors complement each other.

I thought I saw some eyes in the object. Maybe some sort of animal, but I can't place it right now.

Now I see the objects are the same, just duplicated then flipped in opposite directions.

The same goes for the top of the artwork. It's duplicated and flipped vertical.

Lovely piece of art. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the comment much appreciated 🤝 and I'm so glad you like my creation thanks for stopping by 🤝

Quite hypnotizing ;)

Thanks glad you like 😵 🤝

Beautiful art 👌

Thanks 👍🏾

Can't even imagine what it really looks like. 😁

Glad you like it it started out as a dinosaur believe it or not 🤝 thanks for stopping by 👍🏾

This could have been a great Leo coin design

It definitely would


Thank you merry hive mas to you to my friend 👍🏾

Cool art

Thanks glad you like it 👍🏾 thanks for stopping by 🤝


Nice art thanks for sharing 👍🏾



Nice work did you create this

i sure did crop it! lol


i did draw this though! just like 5 years ago

😂 I like your art have you posted any here yet ?
just make sure you don't post any art that is not yours

i have thousands unreleased art never photod over the past 10years, i hope to add them in properly, originally had them incase of a clothingline



Very nice work 👍🏾