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If there is something inevitable in life, it is that we all must die. Man's final destiny on earth is sealed with death. However, the soul of man when it leaves the body passes into an environment of eternity, which is determined by the relationship that man has had on earth with God.

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But Abraham said to him: Son, remember that you received your good in your life, and Lazarus also bad; but now he is comforted here, and you are tormented.
Luke 16:25 King James Version (RVR1960)

The word of God teaches us through the parable of Lazarus and the rich man, that the eternity of the soul after death on earth is determined by its relationship with God.

In this biblical passage, Father Abraham is found in the resting place where all the dead who had a good relationship with God went before the Messiah came.

The rich man had received on earth all his goods and riches, with which he constantly feasted and invited his friends at every celebration. However, the rich man had no fellowship with God on earth, his delight was his wealth and all his possessions. The rich man's attitude was one of constant attachment to his goods that he completely forgot to relate to God. The day his soul died on earth when he left his body, he found himself in an eternity of torment, which Father Abraham told him: "You received your goods and Lazarus his evils, now you are tormented in that place" .

It is necessary to highlight something very important in this teaching, and that is that wealth does not condemn or send anyone to hell, what condemns man is not having a relationship or intimacy with God. At present what condemns man is not receiving Christ as personal savior of his soul.

Riches are sources of blessings that come from God, who gives us the power to make riches. When a person has many possessions and abundant money, and puts all this at the service of God, helping the poor and giving to the most needy, his culture of values ​​brings him closer to the fundamental principle of the kingdom of God, which is "Love your neighbor as yourself ”.

The Christian can be a wealthy person and be aware that this wealth comes from God, which in no way prevents him from having communion with God. Under these conditions, wealth does not hinder that the soul of that person to die, go to paradise.

In the same way, we can say that the extreme poverty of a person does not guarantee that he will have an eternity of joy next to the Lord. If that person does not receive Christ in his heart, however materially poor he may be, he cannot enter paradise.

In this way, dear brother, that neither wealth nor poverty have anything to do with the final destiny of a person, but his relationship with God is what will determine the place of his eternity after death on earth. This was what happened with Lazarus, he had a life that honored God, which allowed the Lord to give him entrance to paradise.


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Certainly only one thing we need which is to accept Jesus Christ, like a man on the cross who had the opportunity through Christ when all hope almost gone entered into rest and have peace with God. A rich young man ask Jesus what he must do to have eternal life... Jesus later reply him to sell all his riches and the young return sorrowfully, it is a pity after our wealth to ignore Christ and the finished work on the cross. In full assurance in Christ we will reign with him in his glory when we have a good relationship with our Lord Jesus. Thank you.