Message received from the Golden Censer - We must find our treasure! [Matthew 6:21]

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

Today the Golden Center has given me a verse from the Gospel of Matthew in which it leads me to ask myself the question: Where is my treasure?

So this verse clarifies it for me with the expression that "My treasure will be where my heart is."

For most people in today's society, the desire to search for the treasures of their lives is focused mainly on material goods, this unlike the people who have made Christ the center of our lives in which our search is directed to the spiritual treasures that the Lord has promised us.

A log that I use to find the place of spiritual treasures is the Bible in the word of God expressed through His prophets and apostles. For this, I daily give praise and glory to God and I nourish myself with the words of life contained in it.

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We are currently living moments of anguish and tribulation due to the confinement of the COVID19 pandemic, in which many people close to us are ill or have even died, which of course fills us with sadness. Also confinement has led us to a new lifestyle in which we must stay longer in our homes, allowing us to share more with our family.

These moments give us more time to dedicate to the Lord and to set up a family altar in which we can give thanks, praise and glory to God, as well as share the word of God in our homes. Doing this will take us to the heavenly treasure that Jesus promised us and our soul and spirit will be nourished, thus removing bitterness and despair from our lives since we have the Lord at all times supporting us.



For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. NIV Matthew 6:21

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Receive my affection and blessings.


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In the HeartChurch community we have technological tools and spiritual guidance available in which an outstanding place is represented by the contributions of its members and the power to share musical expressions with the psalms that lead us to share the love of Christ beyond our borders.

A first step to access the HeartChurch Community and be able to enjoy the added value of our Community is to complete the affiliation to our services through a simple data registration process, in which we will immediately be registered in an account Blockchain Telos with our user from whom we would receive a daily message from the sacred scriptures and a universal basic income (UBI) consisting of a Heart token based on TELOS technology. From there the parishioner will have access to our digital channels in which, in addition to sharing the word, he will meet brothers from all over the world.

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The goods that we receive and those that we can give through our incorporation as members of the HeartChurch Community will give us the joy and Peace that our Lord wishes for our lives and also the opportunity to help other people anywhere in the world.

We continue to Reach to the World

I am proudly a #Heartchurch member.

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