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The greatest success in life is walking hand in hand with God and putting him first in our hearts. When God is our friend and savior, then things change focus and we can look beyond the horizon.

Deuteronomy 29: 9
So keep the words of this covenant and put them into practice, so that you may prosper in all that you do.


It is not the same to walk with God than to do it without him, although many believe that that every person walks with God is not true because the Bible and our actions respond to these answers which should call us to reflection to examine our inner world

The word of God is clear and precise when it affirms that it is necessary to keep and put into practice the word written in the Bible so that we can understand that we walk with him and only then when we keep it will we prosper in everything we do.

The greatest success in life is not in the material things that we can acquire but in the things that cannot be looked at but that we carry in our soul. God is sufficient in our lives and only by walking with him through his word of truth can we achieve true success. Only God makes man and woman happy outside of God everything is ephemeral but whoever remains in his word remains in peace in freedom and achieves the true purpose that leads us to achieve success.


And the Greatest Truth!