Slip Fest 22 - My annual pilgrimage to the slippiest tunnel in the world

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At my age, I describe myself as being built for comfort and not for speed. I've missed my chance to be a circus acrobat and jumping out of planes is no longer an option unless someone can provide a parachute normally reserved for dropping military vehicles! But still, I can move pretty damned fast for my age and visiting dark and rocky locations is what I love best.


We decided at the last minute to visit a compact tunnel underneath a disused railway line in the middle of Derbyshire. They say you forget bad experiences and I clearly must have forgotten how slippy this tunnel was.

We made our way along the track to the tunnel and the horrific memories of previous slips, trips and fall came flooding back to me. I intrepidly stepped my way forward in to the entrance of the tunnel and I said out aloud to @inksurgeon, "mmm this feels slippier than last time" Almost as soon as I said that I fell over backwards on the slippiest moss covered stone, flat on my ass! Bang!

As I landed I heard something crack in my back. Oh f***k I thought, I've broken something! I sat for a few seconds and realised I was OK apart from a bruised ego and pulled muscles everywhere!

Being British we had a good laugh about being a clumsy f**ker and gathered myself together and spent the evening cold with damp and soggy clothes!

Slip Fest 1

I decided I wasn't going to attempt to walk inside the tunnel, it was just too damned dangerous. But @inksurgeon wasn't deterred and wandered in to the tunnel with a gelled flashgun. We set up his tripod and shot a few lightpainting shots with lasers and smoke pellets. We then switched cameras and I grabbed a few shots.

This was a quick and simple silhouette shot with the remnants of a smoke pellet providing enough background seperation. Here I used a diffraction filter over my Sony 20mm lens. I also waved a blue RGB LED panel over the foreground to provide a bit of something extra in the dark, unlit spaces.


Slip Fest 2

This is pretty much the same shot as above but without the blue RGB panel:


Slip Fest 3

I'm afraid to say by this point, my back was killing me and my shoulder where I landed was feeling like a whiplash injury. The evening ended up being a quicker session than usual but I still managed to bag this kinetic shot combined with the fractal filter:


So now I'm back home, dosed up on Naproxen tablets nursing broken muscles and making a note to never ever visit this tunnel again!! Stick to dry flat tunnels next time!

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