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RE: Introducing A New Hive Community "HiveBootcampHub"

in HiveBootcampHub6 months ago

Really awesome stuff here! I’m glad that we’ve gotten better at seeking out new people and trying to get them settled and familiar with many of the things on here.

Thinking of ways to help people like me, who are constantly trying to get out there and find new users to engage with and guide them along, would you repost new peoples posts somehow with the account? I know some consider that spam but I’m thinking of ways to help me find those you are engaging with and helping out so I can give them some help as well.

I’ll put this group on the list of accounts I’ll be delegating to when I achieve my 10k hive power goal. Once I get there I’ll start doing some delegations again but not until I get there, so I can continue my progress and voting of the smallest accounts!


Thanks for taking your time to share this awesome news with us. It would be an honor for us to work with you and we definitely hope you achieve your hive power goal. The @hivebootcamphub community would be happy to help realize this goal if that can be made possible!
Thanks for the good work you do on the blockchain, it's actually worthy of emulation.!

Thanks, you folks make sure you get to the new users and I will be there with you to help guide them! I'll get to my hive power goals, I'm off to a good record lately to get there so I think it will certainly happen. It's good to be able to do that and at the same time help the new people. It doesn't make the process of getting my hive power goals slower which is great.

@cmplxty, this sounds great. Thanks for being your awesome self! We hope to make good progress on our end here. We just followed you :). We definitely will keep you up to date. Do have a lovely afternoon!