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HI, Hivers today sharing day 4 of the 30 days pushup challenge organized by me.

well, I have no plan to give out $hive to participants but as it goes more increasing i might share #hive to those who joined the challenge despite no price tag on it.

here is the link to the day 1 of the challenge.

wanna appreciate some great hiverian who already began the challenge despite no support coming but yet support in their own way to help grow and shoot the challenge to the moon and beyond.
some links to the challenge from one the community members
@joetunex @nathamars @ryo-6414 @hiro-hive @theycallmedan @acidyo and so on cant mention all but to my able community members for their support @hivebootcamphub thank you guys.

The challenge is also open to a donation from the community members to further help the challenge reach its maximum potential. An Upvote would also be appreciated to all challenges posted both on twitter and

you can send your donation to
hive wallet: emekasegun

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