A section of the Sanibel Causeway collapses from the Hurricane Ian's surge

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Collapsed bridge on Sanibel Causeway in Florida
Image: FOX19 NOW

Hurricane Ian which hit Florida with winds up to 155 mph (69 m/s) had created storm surge that washed away a section of a major bridge on the Sanibel Causeway (location). This was a major bridge and seeing events like this one gets to appreciate the power of nature.

Some deaths have been reported due to the storm. At present it is unclear how many which likely means that we are talking a few unlucky souls here and there as opposed to hundreds or thousands or worse a storm of this magnitude would have killed even a century ago. Which speaks to how safe we really are. Because the truth is that, contrary to what climate catastrophists would have you believe, weather events kill the lowest numbers of people in the history of observation these days. And we have modern technology to thank for that.


Section of major Florida bridge wiped out by Hurricane Ian
Jesse O’Neill, New York Post, 29 September 2022


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