Documentary rally video of the day - M-Sport Road Book: Japan

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I almost forgot about the only World Rally Championship team which produces vlogs on the regular bases after each WRC rally. It is M-Sport Ford, semi-works/private team which tries hard to stay on the saddle with the restricted budget which has been filled for years from the paying drivers plus some sponsorships and a regular Ford input with the knowledge and probably chassis for every of their Rally1 car.

This time they were at the last station of the 2022 World Rally Championship calendar which was in Japan. Craig Breen shunted his Ford Puma Rally1 car once again so Gus Greensmith had to finish the rally because M-Sport guys want that at least one car be at the finish line.

They withdrew Adrien Fourmaux from the rally at the late hours before the race so that is the reason they had only two cars for this event. Yeah, they are saving money for the development and for the next season. You know how they say in motorsport - no money, no drive.

Gus Greensmith finished 6th overall and he was the last one of the Rally1 cars. After him there were only Rally2 cars behind.

I enjoyed watching this season's serial called M-Sport Road Book and I wrote about them regularly after every WRC race. Here is the last episode of 2022.

Please enjoy... :)

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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