Onboard rally video of the day - Elfyn Evans with Toyota Yaris Rally1 at WRC Rally Mexico 2023

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Hi, friends!

I know very good how hard is for concentration to be focus all the time on 35km long special stages, especially if we are talking about super high speeds and twisty corners.

But that's World Rally Championship and it is expected from you to be as fast as possible so you have to adapt yourself and your driving style for everything which is in front of you.

Official YouTube channel of World Rally Championship published today super impressive video of Toyota works driver Elfyn Evans and his drive through special stage 21 which was long 35km.

His commitment and dedication through the special stage are magnificent and I am really impressed and now I know why he is a works drive for manufacturer's WRC team of Toyota.

I love gravel rallies, especially technical stuff and in this video you have a very different sectors - technical, fast, super fast but I must notice one thing: he knows this special stage in his memory upside-down and that's good.

You just drive differently when you know the special stages, you are much more confident which is quite opposite when you enter some event for the first time.

Here we have that onboard and you can see all hid reactions because there are two cameras inside of the car.

Please enjoy and learn from the Welsh master.... :)

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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Grab a beer and enjoy!