Staying True to Oneself

There's no doubt to what must be allowed to happen in our lives.
I've been noticing in different post especially the last one by @nainaztengra- importance of setting boundaries which is encouraging us to know when to say enough is enough.

Shot by me with Tecno Camon 12

The subtle art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson, is a powerful book that help change my own thinking radically.
I went from accepting every request to choosing what I'd do, to when I'd do something and how I'd do the thing.

The truth is that we easily conform to the standard of other people simply because we want to be seen in a light that they themselves know we aren't.
As for those tagged as the good guy is even a lot more worse because they would want to prove being that in which they aren't.

I always knew I wasn't timid but there was just something about me I didn't like that was me being the "yes man." Why? Must I be this guy? Why don't u say fuck it?
And fuck it is simply what I did.

I'd surely say I'm more happier, and I love myself just like this. Since I made that complete change, it's just so glaring the way people treat me especially those that are closer to me. It's just certain that my yes is a yes and my no is a no.

Believe what you want regardless if be determined to do me. We need to accept others as they are and truly accept ourselves just the same way we see ourselves. The best deal is to be the best version of ourselves at all times.

The big question hanging would be- how can you be yourself when you don't know yourself?
The best is to exploit our childhood. Everyone is still a child only that now we are experiencing a matured childhood, we can't run from ourselves so tap to being who you are in every ramifications.


Yeah...Be the child you know you are. Children...or babies rather do not hide their disinterest in anything. They will immediately turn their eyes away from a thing if it bores them rud but that's the way we are supposed to be.

Growing into giving more of a fuck about what you give a fuck about and you will make a bigger impact in life...I think

So succinctly said, give a fuck about who you are.


You and I have chatted off and on... and I know the reasons you said you no longer used this account... and rather, used the account @lowjab1 was due to your lack of knowledge about proper sourcing, etc. I believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. But posting two blogs on this account... with the same photo (regardless of whether you sourced it or not) is considered spam... and NOT showing you learned from your mistake. Conversely... I know thoughtful posts are not always positive. But the use of profanity is not something I am particularly fond of as well...

I see your mindset... and I know there is positive energy in you. Please don't make me have to mute you in my community... prove you are above that my friend... thank you...


Sorry to belittle the confidence you have in me... I stated Boscohage is blacklisted but didn't state in the 30 days probation and still in use.

I didn't realize the photo repetition would fall as spamming, I might end up going back and forth. Lowjab doesn't have enough hive power to post. No intent whatsoever to distort the growth of the community/hive.

No usage of profane words...
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