Taking Care Of Ourselves Is The Most Important.

In human life, all of us have no idea what and where our lives will last. Maybe, today we are still laughing. Tomorrow, we are still breathing. Next week, we are still traveling. And next month, something will happen that we don't expect. Sometimes, we don't know the person we are with or talking to now, later or tomorrow it will be their time to say goodbye. There are also times, where the person is surprised because they were just talking to each other and being with them earlier, then later on that person received a message that the person they were with is no longer there.

The Time Is Always Gold..

All of us, are not sure about things. There are times where we die slowly, or we die suddenly. Sometimes, I don't realize that time is really gold when I don't see bad things happening on social media. I will realize it suddenly, especially when I hear that something has happened or when I see or watch it on the news

That's when I realized that we are lucky because we are still here, we survive deaths and we have been given another life. We survive trials, and we were given another chance. We are lucky enough to say thank you for those who helped us stand up again, especially the one who's at the top. There are moments, where we are annoyed not only because of ourselves but because of the life that we have. We keep asking ourselves why it is like this, and the life we ​​have is like this. We don't realize it, we are lucky enough because we are still existing. How about those who are fighting for their lives because they are on the verge of death?

Moments Where We don't Realize The Importance of Life.

It's unfair, why was I born like this? I wasn't blessed by rich parents.

Mostly, we receive this kind of words from random people. Sometimes, we can hear them cursing their own parents for being poor. We ask for more, we ask for too much. They don't realize that they are lucky enough, because even though life is so hard, their parents are still trying their best to give the support to their child like their child's dream. To give what their child's need like what others have. That they still do everything for their child, even if they hardly have enough rest, only to have some food to eat.

That's okay, do what you want, eat everything that can make you happy.

This is one of the mindsets I had before, a mindset where I thought it was okay because I was still young and I can still change my life style. The lifestyle where I was abusing my health too much to the point that I only ate junk foods, I only ate soft drinks, I only ate oily foods and only once if I ate vegetables. Or I should say, I hate eating veggies. I don't think about what can be the result, and what can happen if I don't take care of my health. All I know is, what I'm doing is right even though it's so wrong. I'm often scolded, I'm often reprimanded but I have this hard head where I don't want to follow them even though I know what they're saying is for my health.

I even came to the point that, I am angry when I am also scolded. I almost don't care if I'm fat, if I only eat junk foods. Until, I had to have surgery because the ovary I have is at risk.

Suddenly I realized everything I had done, everything I had done and everything I had caused myself. I thought, it's too late to regret everything but not too late to change. So from then on, I changed everything. After I recovered from the operation, I chose to be healthy. And that's when I found out, that taking care of ourselves is very important especially we only live once. And once everything is too late, we can no longer save ourselves for falling behind.

Moral Lesson I've Learned.

Not everything, we can go through with, "Later.", "That's it., "Sooner.", "There's still next time." Because there are things in the world, that we do even if we know that self and our health will be destroyed. That's why it's better, that while it's early, always take action before you lose your life.


I had a phase in life when I just do not care about what I consume. Until I got really heavy and started having skin problems. I started to take care of myself. I work out and eat just in portions. Now, I am happy with what I feel and look like! :)

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