The Fool's Overture, by Supertramp ala yours truly

About 8 months ago I began dusting off my brains and reconnecting my equipment so I could hopefully remember how to play music again.
WAYYYYYY back in the late '70's, I began learning The Fool's Overture when it was new.
There was a perplexing keychange that lost me (I didn't have any digital equipment back then) and the main lyric vocal had such damned HIGH NOTES, I never really pursued learning it.

8 months ago, I rediscovered it, figured out the keychange and fixed it so that I could sing it.

I created this video, with all the green screen effects.
I really consider this unfinished as it is missing that ethereal flute part.
I think my new friends @lyon-89 and @purplesinger will enjoy this

So here is my rendition of "The Fools Overture"

All is recorded live with just me, my keys and computer.

""The Fools Overture"

by Supertramp
performed by

Jerry E Smith




Great job @jerrytsuseer, it sounds really well and I think you got it almost done though it's difficult sometimes where to put the endind dot hahaha...
Chapeau! 🤗

Well sir, that means quite a lot coming from you, and it is very appreciated Pablo.
And you are very correct about the ending. Tricky, still isn't right, but I 'sat' on this recording for 8 months without getting back to it, so it was time to do something. Glad you liked it @drakernoise .
How are your studies coming along?

Of course yes, this is great, too beautiful, thank you very much for sharing it 👏👏❤!!

Another most excellent song @jerrytsuseer! Sounds magnificent as usual, and the effects are really cool as well!

Thank you James, I was able (at least to my ear) bring the vocals up a bit with the EQ, so I am happier with it now than when I first shared it with a select few friends all those months ago.
You're a good friend @jamerussell


Always loved Supertramp. Anytime I hear their tunes, I am pulled back to growing up... better days, and a time when music... was music! So... you see? Definitely #thoughtfuldailypost worthy!

You played this quite well brother! Don't know how you squeezed out those high notes lol. Green screen... and the ending.... perfect. Thanks for the great tunes, and taking us back!

@tipu curate

Wow nicely done. Sounds really great and the green screen effects are pretty amazing.

Thank you so much


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