Would you reject a genuine offer of help?

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We need that help even though we feel that we are capable.
Many times we get used to doing the things we do for ourselves alone which isn't bad it's great. At some point in our lives, we will all get to that stage where we have to be independent and being independent doesn't only bring a sense of freedom, it boosts one's confidence and self-esteem.

When your confidence is increased, you start to trust yourself and know that you are competent enough to handle situations and there is always a positive outlook on yourself when your self-esteem is increased.



Not digressing from the point, we all need help, and accepting help sometimes doesn't belittle us in any way.

Something happened some days ago and that was the moment the inspiration for this post came to my mind.

There had been no light in the area for about a week, so the water in the estate could not be pumped, all tanks in the estate were empty. After a few more days, there finally was a power supply, so the pumping machine was turned on and the tanks were filled with water again. Unfortunately, the water supply in our flat got faulty, water 't rushing from the tap.

While we waited for a plumber to come to rectify the fault and fix it, I had to go outside the flat to the general tap in the estate. I took a large open container along with me to the tap. To be honest, when I first saw the large open container, I had concluded that it was too big and I wouldn't be able to lift it on my head myself, however, after fetching the water in it, I tried lifting it and saw that I actually had the strength to lift it to my head.

I had to lift it myself because there was no other person fetching water that would have helped me. So I went on about 6 trips. When I got to the tap for the seventh trip, I saw a man washing something near the tap. I greeted him and continued fetching the water. After the water was filled up, he immediately left what he was doing and came to help me.

Two things

Two things came to my mind at that time, the first one was that he probably had assessed the large container and had also assumed that I can not carry it alone, so it prompted him to help me out.
The other thing that came to my mind was that I could have just told him not to worry about helping me because I could lift it myself, but then I thought, him helping won't harm me in any way, even if I can lift it myself, the periods he was spending to help me lift it the large container was also helping me relax my muscles and strength too.

Do you understand?

That moment he was helping me lift it was an opportunity I had to relax from doing it alone.

He kept helping me until I went for the last trip, I discovered that he wasn't there anymore, so I lifted it myself and that was it.

In conclusion,

That's my point, I can do it myself, but I accepted the offer to be helped and took it as an opportunity to relax a bit and regain strength.

Things like this happen in our day-to-day lives and it comes in different ways. We just need to understand that it's okay to accept an offer of help as long as we see that it is genuine.


I agree with you and I also think accepting or rendering help to others should be part of the human nature. If only we would let go our pride and ego. After all no man is an island.