My California - San Gorgonio's North Face

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For this weeks Show Us Your California contest by @thesocalhive I headed up into the San Gorgonio wilderness for a climb up the north face of...

San Gorgonio!!

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Last year I headed up into the San Gorgonio wilderness to climb Mt. San Gorgonio(11,503'). I've climbed it several times. In fact it's the peak I've climbed more times than any other with this being my 10th ascent. And although I'd already taken every trail to the top, I'd never gone straight up the north face... and so I really wanted to do it. I started at the locked gate at the Heart Bar campground. I hiked passed the campground around Big Meadow and up to the Aspen Grove trailhead.

Hiking through Big Meadow

Views from near the Aspen Grove trailhead

Overlooking Big Meadow

From there I headed up Fish creek. I passed lower Fish creek Meadow, upper Fish creek meadow, Fish creek camp, and then I climbed up to the top of Fish creek saddle.

Lower Fish creek meadow

Upper Fish creek meadow

Fish creek camp

Climbing up to Fish creek saddle

From there I dropped down the other side and made my way down to Dry Lake. I found a couple of perfectly spaced trees by the little meadow above the lake and hung my hammock there for the night.

Dropping down to Dry Lake


Views from camp

The next morning I got up, made some breakfast, and headed out around the lake and up the north face to the summit. The climb up was a bit tiring, but it was a lot of fun! Of course the views from the top were epic and I spent quite awhile just hanging out enjoying it.

Dry Lake

Hiking around Dry Lake

Starting the ascent

Climbing the north face

Selfie on the north face

Approaching the summit

On the summit of San Gorgonio

Eventually I started down. On the way down I was able to enjoy a bunch of glissading, which is always fun! I got back down to the lake and enjoyed another beautiful evening in my hammock.

139098029_3955726777791764_1274533549260298899_o.jpg Selfie on the way down

Back at Dry Lake

Evening views from camp

The next morning I climbed back up and over Fish creek saddle, down Fish creek, and back down passed Big Meadow to the locked gate at Heart Bar where I first started.

Climbing back over Fish creek saddle

Dropping down into Fish creek

Small waterfalls on the west fork of Fish creek

Until next time...

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into

My California!!

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all photos by @derekrichardson

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You really do live a life most DREAM of!!! although I dont know so much about me on the slopes lol! hahahaha - would be good for a laugh I am sure!

Love all those snow drizzled caps - but THIS pic....



Thanks @jaynie! That pic did come out really good. I like how I was able to capture that bit of sun ray shining through the trees.

Your pics are ALWAYS amazing!!!! Was just sharing your profile with my dad now... took him back to his hay day :)

That's awesome! I remember you told me that your dad was also a gold prospector. I bet he lived a life full of adventures!

Yes indeed!!!

Beautiful post and location too.

Thanks @steemseph! Mt San Gorgonio and all the wilderness that surround it is really beautiful. And it's extra special because San G is actually the highest peak in all of Southern California!!

G! Much respect to G! The highest peak.
You made it look easy. Why is this the first time you’ve taken the north face?

(Inspiring weather up there. Good timing. I love those in-between, sunny day with snow melting type of days.)

The experience must be wonderful, the landscape is incredible

Yep, it was definitely a great experience!

This looks beautiful seriously! I can't wait to get out and visit places like this here soon. Looking to move out westish ASAP

This is awesome I'm heading up there soon!

Thank you for participating in this weeks Show us Your California contest!

Oh wow... it is beautiful!
Ahh,.. to lay in a hammock... in all that beauty!

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Nice! 10 trips is no joke! 😎

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Always a highlight to my day seeing your treks up into the wilderness, going up tiring perhaps slow, your express system of "foefie" slide down would be great fun.

Hiking up I always found easier, coming down normally on my bum riding the grass tufts not so comfortable (on a piece of cardboard). Your slide looked exhilarating on the cold snow, but then I would not know the reality of what a cold bum would be.

Thanks for another great share Derek.

@tipu curate

Thanks @joanstewart! My butt was definitely getting cold on the slide down, but it's totally worth it. Not only was it lots of fun, but also MUCH easier than hiking down.

Express route, odd rock or two but hey it was quicker! 😄

Mate, this looks like a real adventure. Looks like you only camped 1 night is that right? how could you resist? That hiking trip looks amazing. Ive just come back from some offroad camping trips too.

Started following you - hope theres more camping outdoor posts :)

Thanks for the follow! There will be many more outdoor adventures to come!

These pics are awesome. I’d love to bring my sons to places like these when they’re older.