A Month of Daily Haiku - Each Week a New Theme (Month of Haiku Collection 2)

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Month of Haiku collection 2.jpgImage modified from a picture by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

This collection is part of my efforts to fully catalogue my poetry on hive by theme and style. Over the last eight months, I have been more active performing my poems in the Liverpool scene and I've been asked on many occasions by other poets and audience members where they can buy books of my poetry.

I have shown many people poems on my webpage on @Peakd, but unfortunately, there is no function to easily search an author by category (E.G. searching @raj808 #poetry) using any of the hive front ends of which I'm aware.

This is why I'm making collection posts on hive that are easily accessible, so I can edit, revise and polish poems to collate them into thematic collections. I then aim to engage a professional printing service I've sourced to print books of various collections of poems (called chapbooks in the poetry world).

I will then have physical copies to sell at poetry nights where I perform in my home city of Liverpool and will also self-publish both physical and digital versions on Amazon KDP Kindle, Apple Books and Barnes & Noble.

I will of course promote these collections on hive once the work is done in case any of my followers want to buy hard copies of my chapbooks, as they can obviously find digital versions easily on my blog once I've collated all my poems, split them up into themed collections, and published them here on PEAKD.

This second month of Haiku I undertook focused on a different theme each week:

Week One - Ancient Wisdom.

Week Two - Inspiration.

Week Three - The Wonder of Travel.

Week Four - Reflection on Nature.





























All images used in these posts are either my own property or CC licence sourced from sites such as Pixabay.com or Unsplash.com. If you have enjoyed this poetry collection, please check out my blog page @raj808 for upcoming collections showcasing different themes and poetic forms.

Thanks for reading.


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Hi @raj808,
Thank you for participating in the #teamuk curated tag. We have upvoted your quality content.
For more information visit our discord https://discord.gg/8CVx2Am

Dear @raj808,
May I ask you to review and support the Dev Marketing Proposal (https://peakd.com/me/proposals/232) we presented on Conference Day 1 at HiveFest?
The campaign aims to onboard new application developers to grow our ecosystem. If you missed the presentation, you can watch it on YouTube.
You cast your vote for the proposal on Peakd, Ecency,

Hive.blog / https://wallet.hive.blog/proposals
or using HiveSigner.

Thank you!

Hi @arcange

Sry I missed this, and the window is now closed for voting I think? Let me know if it is still open and I've missed where to vote.

Anyway, I've left hive for the time being to work on a trilogy of fantasy novels and it is taking over my life... which is a good sign for a serious writer 😂.

I'm only back on hive now to catalogue all my poetry into a spreadsheet so that I can get paper books/copies printed of themed collections to sell at poetry nights I've been performing at in my home city.

I'll try to check in sooner again, but if I'm wrong about the voting window being closed (I did check using PeakD) just let me know where to look and I'll be happy to add my vote.

TBH, I'm more than a little pissed off with how little the last 'so called' marketing DHF application achieved. With a decent chunk of change I would have thought that lordbutterfly could have jumped on some of the bigger YouTube crypto influencers to spread awareness about hive.

Anyway, I don't really care anymore, as I'm pursuing mainstream writing opportunities which are looking promising, and have already pitched a few scripts to some major networks, as well as working 6-8 hours/day on the first book of my planned trilogy.

Unfortunately, hive rewards decent writers (at least from western countries) much less than minimum wage, (which is why 80% of them left before steem even forked to hive)... hence my decision to walk away and build a life for myself writing books, and scripts which have a decent chance at providing me with some type of livable income.

All the best Arcange 👍🙂
P.s. do drop a screenshot of where to vote your DHF proposal if it is still open and I'll vote it :-)

Yes, the proposal has expired. As its funding failed, it is possible that it will be reinstated. I may then contact you again.

I partially agree with your opinion on the previous marketing proposal. Hence why I tried to set up another with a different target.
Good luck with writing your book.

Cheers @arcange
Yes, do let me know if you launch the proposal again, as I have to come on hive 1/week to manage some of my portfolio in HE tokens and try to keep track of any HBD pumps etc.

From the few conversations we had in Krakow, I felt you were a genuine person who put a lot into - steem as it was then - now hive. Being a writer, I genuinely trust my instincts with people as they've rarely steered me wrong. That is why I'm running a mile from hive right now because my instincts, and agent, have both aligned to tell me to get out and focus all my energy on what will either bring real success, and readership, or not, if my 1st draft WIP isn't good enough.

As to lordbutterfly's proposal, I remember seeing his accountability posts, and I'm not dissing him in regards to transparency - but the altcoin space is so saturated with Ponzi schemes and out-and-out copied projects from the 2017 ICO craze just dressed up as something new - that I personally think there was only one thing needed to be done with the reasonably high budget LordButterfly got... and that was to pay 3-4 famous crypto YouTubers to promote (and use) hive, and to negotiate with them to continue promoting it and publishing via 3speak etc. This would have shown all their followers the potential of hive, and perhaps got some or even all of them to migrate to hive.

If you fancy reading something funny check out this post I made years ago now about one of 2 con ICO's I sunk some ETH into in 2017:


I'm only sharing this because it's true shitcoins like that one, that colour people's opinions about all altcoins, and any Hive marketing needs to get people past that initial distrust as there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who've been stung like I was. Anyway, food for thought.

There is no denying that the likes of Eliotrades, Bitboy, Crypto Zombie, Ivanontech and many others have questionable tactics involving themselves in (paid) promotions of coins that they then dump at least their own stack pretty sharpish, but this is just what we have to work with for now in the crypto space.

A million new Dapps can be made on hive, but if no one knows about them, they'll never get used and so the cycle of lost potential continues.

I tried everything possible I knew to bring high-quality writer's on board creating @theinkwell community , as well as running a radio show back in the steem days called 'literary corner'. To be brutally honest, I found that none of the big stake holders I met at SF3 gave two fucks about helping me attract what is potentially a billion-strong global audience to hive, despite declining literacy rates in the USA there are still billions of people worldwide that enjoy reading novels, novellas and short fiction.

Even before the hardfork to Hive, I noticed big people with big SteemPower squandering an opportunity that was right there in front of them, and it made me lose faith to a great extent, mainly because the likes of Vlogging is alreaddy monopolised by Youtube, but short fiction, in particular, has a limited amount of journals out there publishing great up-and-coming writers. Hive has the potential to be a fantastic place to nurture these types of writers, and it only takes one person to write a best seller and then promote hive as a place to read some of their earlier self-published works, and that would bring more eyes to hive than any amount of $10k/week fancy digital marketing agency. I've worked in marketing in the past and 80% of it is complete bullshit. Action plans, research to identify primary markets, paid google ads 😂 This makes me laugh as Google has already blacklisted hive for 1st-page listings as I've checked by publishing the exact same article (with industry-standard SEO) on both Medium and Hive... guess which showed up 1st page? Yup, it was the medium article, despite my publishing it first on hive.

Lol, anyways I've said my piece. I've better things to do working on my manuscript, but I thought I'd take the time to outline some of my thoughts as someone who has been a consistent content creator on here for over 5 years.

All the best to you and your family 🙂