Art Talk Posts 2018

2018 is when I started a new series called Art Talk. In this series I am able to explore different topics related to art in an creative and educational way.
The first Art Talk post
A look at 5 bronzes in the Hirshorn sculpture gallery in D
Moore is one of my favorite modern artists.
Discussion on the medium of Bronze as seen through the eyes of the daughter of a bronze artist.
2008 Henry Moore exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden.
Beautiful Street art in downtown Phoenix, Arizona
A tour of the MET in NYC
An in depth look at this stunning piece by Auguste Rodin.
An artistic walk through the 1870s Paris
The first time I had a guest blogger
A beautiful exhibit in the Portland, Oregon airport by Fiber Artist Xander Griffith
Street art in Klammath Falls, Oregon
Detailed post about one painting
Art provides opportunities to express, feel and identify our emotions.
Links to all the 2018 Art Talk posts


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