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After testing with various types of substrates my Cactaceae finally look happier and healthier, I do not mean to say that the previously used sutures were bad but I broke all my predictions ... from rocks Chipped and ground sandstones with different sedatives with different diameters to be able to separate it by size up to a coarse sand, the result of this intervention I mix it with soil organic fertile earth (Remains of vegetable matter, crushed egg shells, charcoal and vermicompost) despite being the same The type of rock that I use in the substrate gives me fertilization since the rocks used contain phosphorites, clay minerals, calcium and other minerals that help maintain the nutritional balance of the cacti, they also retain a little very specific and controlled humidity that does not promote the rotting of the roots and stems, on the contrary, is beneficial for the plants, it retains the little fertilization that I apply my Cactaceae once a month and what it absorbs and the plant feeds little by little on it, this mixture promotes excellent drainage and regulates the general temperature in the pot and plant, it does not make the substrate stagnate, hardening it, which avoids May the root system of the plant prosper and provide a beautiful decoration by the mulch which is made of the same rock and is very beautiful to look at, I hope this publication is to your liking and provides some benefit to your plants.








The mixture is composed of 70% Mineral 30% Organic.

Cacti grow better in Sand, before I used River Sand, which was totally replaced by the rocks, which I am using, noticing a great abance in my plants, I can imagine that the River Sand is very washed and does not have mineral nutrients like rocks and why. These retain their properties by being hermetic and sealed, which are due to the weathering layer, which they acquire through the years due to the action of the environment, it is convenient to change the sutrate every 6 or 12 months depending on the species and in this way the growth of your plants.


Echinopsis ancistrophora ssp arachnacantha.jpg

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