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Consciousness, returning consciousness
When they reached to a higher level of consciousness, they surprised everyone with their actions
Due to intense pressure they failed to regain their consciousness before, now they are remembering everything, this is the story of after
Their ego turned into arrogance, now arrogance is their inheritance.

Their mind is working like an advanced machine, solution oriented machine
They believe that, like last time this time also they will lead, but in reality they always mislead
Their brain is working, but they are not acting
Their mind is not a key, it's a missing key.

They are making a deal with their opponents, fierce opponents
Now they know they are in dangerous position, standing with dangerous opposition
So they stopped a bit and tried to recollect previous memories, strengthening memories
Memories which were really good, which adds old fragrance to the mood.

When they reached to a breaking point they achieved mindfulness, higher level of mindfulness
Through this mindfulness they succeed to travel situation to situation, old situation to new situation
Only left with focus, shell of presence is covered with focus
Dreams, memories.

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"This is my original and opinionated work".

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