CuratorCat.PAL: Changing Direction Again; Trying Something Different

in Palnetlast year

For a little over a month since deciding that trying to earn curation rewards via the PalNet front end had become more or less "meaningless," I delegated 3,700 PAL tokens to @brofi in hopes of at least gaining a little via their "DeFi" option.

In the beginning I did in fact earn a small amount of fractional BRO tokens, but with the daily payout having gone from 0.00234723 BRO when I started the experiment on March 23rd, to just 0.00033192 BRO this morning (Basically a reduction of 85%!) I've sadly decided to pull the plug on it.

Pondering the future...

It's not really anyone's "fault;" just a result of several other tokens moving up past PAL on BroFi's ranking list of yields per token.

So, back to doing my own thing!

In Other News...

The PAL token has increased slightly in value since last time I wrote... from $0.00908 at the end of March to $0.01002 as of today, May 7th.

Meanwhile, I have moved up from 190th to 188th on the staked PAL token richlist, during the same time.

I'll take the little pluses wherever they come!


CuratorCat 07-MAY-2021
Current stake: 3,704.316 PAL