Thwarted plan. Again

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I keep on saying that it has been a busy week. At the market yesterday, which wasn't bad for mid-month, I gave away a hamper of my goodies to the winner of a weekend getaway in McGregor. Photos of that, once I get them.

Prepping the bits started on Friday so that all I needed to do on Saturday at the market was to pop the goodies into the bags.

Then it was time for fond farewells. Selma is a self-confessed feline fanatic. She adores Princess Pearli, has fallen for Rambo who obliged nobody this week, and has untequited love for Gandalf. She wants the same morning cuddles he reserves for The Cat's Mother and is forgiving of his morning, thunderous descent over the guest room and to the kitchen.

I had planned to spend the afternoon working on a long-promised long post, but my ISP was doing an upgrade. The three-hour outage was at lest double that. The internet wasn't back when I popped out for my usual catch up with a GF.

So ended Saturday. The usual (again) quiet braai at home with a feline snuggled up on my lap.

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

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