Solo's weekly picks: Farms

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Working outside on a plot of land, or inside a structure with the intent to produce resources is a powerful thing. Adding to the economy instead of just taking is something to be proud of. This week I take a look at some Hive plankton and minnows showing off what they are growing, raising or just producing in general on a farm.

Here are five Hive plankton and minnows talking about life out on the farm:

The process of grinding robusta coffee beans from the garden by @furkanmamplam

After harvesting the coffee beans, its time to process and grind them. Starting at 8am they get to work early in the morning. Seeing them all laid out on tarps is amazing, so many beans.

The development of rice in the paddy fields is starting to turn a bit yellow by @waliphoto

Coming up on harvest time, the insects can be a major problem for these rice fields. They are hoping all will work with up till harvest though.

Two Roosters Raised By My Friend by @mnurhiver

This hive user raised chickens, and made a fermented feed for them. Though the ones in the pictures are his neighbors, it reminds him of his former chickens he had.

Harvested Soya Beans From Our Farm by @jimah1k

Working on a farm as an internship they pull up Soya bean plants and get ready to harvest them. Using a tractor they seperated the husks from the beans. They did not think they would last through the nearly a month of working and sleeping outside everyday but they indeed did it.

ᴍʏ ᴄᴜᴛᴇ ʟᴏᴏᴋɪɴɢ ᴅᴏᴍᴇsᴛɪᴄ ʀᴀʙʙɪᴛs by @emrysjobber

Raising these little rabbits is a form of livestock, with few dozen on hand they have made quite the nice farm for them.

Thats my five picks for this week, come back next week to see Solo's next weekly picks. I curate posts every Tuesday and do this through MSP. Thanks so much to the Minnow Support Group for giving me the opportunity to serve as a curator!


Thank you very much @solominer for his support,I am so happy that you have voted for me and some of his other friends in this week.
I do this job almost every day,and my day job is just as a coffee farmer.

Glad I found your post, it was good one. It was really cool seeing how coffee beans are harvested.. thanks for sharing that with us.

Thank you too,You have liked my post.
This is our coffee harvesting process, of course we harvest it once a month.
I'm also happy to be able to give my ideas here.

Great theme, great picks! Let me spread some votes to these authors too ;)

@tipu curate

They sure are and thanks bud, I appreciate you helping them out.

Always a pleasure.

Thank you very much friend @solominer for supporting my post.This is very useful for me and of course I say a lot. Thank you friends.Have a nice day.

glad to support your post. Hope you do too.

thank you very much. I am also very happy to be with all of you. have a nice day.greetings from me, if friends go to aceh please contact us, we will make friends as our special guests.

Thank you for selecting my post I really appreciate the support

You are very welcome

Thanks for supporting my post, I really appreciate it, this is my first time of experiencing this. I'm glad my post was chosen. This is extremely encouraging for me.

Thanks once again.

You are very welcome, yes keep up the good posts and other curators will notice you as well.

some of the people who have been mentioned here are very extraordinary in displaying their posts.

They sure are, hard working individuals.

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I admire these people, I too had a farm but covid took it away from me.

Thank you for the wonderful work you do :)

I do too, quite impressive what they can accomplish with time and effort.

That sucks, sorry to hear that.

But glad to do my part.

In the future I want to try again.

Thank you for the work you do :).