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Finding a good park can be an adventure, many of them are small but usually constructed quite nicely to fit into a location in a town or city. We have them around the world, and they all look a little different but all are parks. We see some of these naturally constructed areas in Italy, Malaysia, Philippines, and Venezuela today.

These places of community people can relax, congregate or just get away from others. To many of us parks are our only chance to get away from the city without taking a long trip somewhere. Though sometimes parks are worth traveling to far away, and worth just visiting at least once.

Here are five Hive minnows showing off the parks around them:

Un Sabato al Parco by @mfarinato

A gathering at a park in Italy, it happened on a Saturday and looks like alot of people showed up. I am unsure of what exactly this gathering was for but still nice to see people making use of the local park.

Small flower garden on the median of the road #photofeed #neoxian #am ... by @bendotri

A short post showing off a small flower garden along a roadside. Its good to see empty spaces by roadsides filled with plants.

CEBU: Osmeña Botanical Garden by @thegoodbi

A visit to a local botanical garden in Cebu, Philippines. Looks like they had a good gathering and ate well too. Some yummy BBQ along with rice and some other dishes.

Los Caobos Park / Parque Los Caobos by @iscrak

There is a city park in Caracas, Venezuela. With easy access to it by the metro system its a nice place to hang out when in the city. I like how they kept the trees but still built a walking path all around them.

My Actifit Report Card: September 15 2021 by @evachin

A park surrounded by high rises in Malaysia was visited by this Hive user. Some Chinese themed buildings were constructed in the park as well. Looks like it was a nice walk in the park and at the same time they got their Actifit steps in.

Thats my five picks for this week, come back next week to see Solo's next weekly picks. I curate posts every Tuesday and do this through MSP. Thanks so much to the Minnow Support Group for giving me the opportunity to serve as a curator!

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@solominer Thank you very much for the excellent choice support! my congratulations to @mfarinato @bendotri @thegoodbi @evachin all posts are great and represent a good opportunity to get to know many beautiful places around the world.

Thank you @iscrak 😁

Thank you @iscrak

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Many thanks, @iscrak😊 Los Caobos Park looks serene. Nice pictures 💗

Ah glad to curate your post and the others as well.

thanks alot for the comment.

Thank you @solominer for sharing our post. We really appreciate it. We're excited to share more of our adventures especially us being with nature😄

Couldn't agree with you more @thegoodbi 💪🏽😎

Ah you're welcome, best of luck with your future posts.

Being in nature is fun, everything feels beautiful. Breathing freely inhaling as much oxygen as possible, free eyes to see the green of nature, free ears to listen to the melodious chirping of birds. Enjoy the beauty of nature while there is time and opportunity.

Enjoy the beauty of nature for you🙏🙏🙏

It sure is a great way to reset, I love being out in nature so I know exactly what you mean. With all the time I spend on my computers its good to get away.

Thank you sir.
You have been pleased with my comments.
Thank you also for the reward🙏🙏🙏

Thank you @solominer for selecting and featuring our posts. Greatly appreciate it 😊🤗✌🏽

You're welcome, hope you find a park that you can walk a dog in though :-)

Lol! Thank you!🙂
Nicer parks like these are usually not dog-friendly in Malaysia. There are some dog-friendly outdoor gated spaces actually.... 🤔 💡 thanks for the upcoming idea @solominer😁
and hopefully, this changes over time in Malaysia as we see gradual improvements and more places allowing doggos🐾🐕

Good deal! Going to them now!

Ah thanks alot for supporting these minnows.

I was a minnow not too long ago!
I founded the Ladies of Hive.
We have lots of minnows come around there.
So I think I will have something similar to your post there.
What do you think?