SpeekPeece, Contest Winner and HiveNaija Updated meetings.

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We sincerely apologize for the delay and the silence. Today, we would be giving announcements on the following:

  • The Speekpeece Movement
  • Contest winner for the HiveNaija Sister contest
  • Update on the HiveNaija Discord/Telegram meetings

The SpeekPeece Movement

we are very excited to announce that the #speekpeece movement has started and is for everyone. Read this post from @dreemsteem and join the movement.

Contest Winner

Few days ago, we gave a riddle and though it was difficult, we had attempts from the following:

We are deeply grateful for your participation. The prizes 1,000 Ecency points, 10 Leo and 5 Hive will go to just one person and that person is the one who was able to get the riddle right.

At the setting of the sun came the boss
He made a request to leave a plus
With a flick of her thumb on Discord
The unique numbers flew out the board

The setting of the sun represents the night, the boss is @belemo and he had asked on discord to resend a message. With a flick of her (deraaa) thumb, the unique numbers flew out the board...

Screenshot 2022-10-03 115135.png

The Unique numbers being 11060. Looking closely, you'd discover it is a date. 1/10/1960. The date of independence for the nation Nigeria. One person got the answer and that person is none other than @kei2. Congratulations @kei2. Your rewards will be sent to you. As for the others who participated, they would be getting 200 Ecency points and 40 Dreem tokens.

HiveNaija Meeting Update

The HiveNaija meetings has clearly seen some progress and we look forward to more numbers of people. After much deliberation, we have decided to move the meetings back on Telegram to be held every Sunday by 6pm. This coming Sunday, a lot will be discussed regarding the progress of the sister community and other things. Please endeavor to attend.

Join the Curation Trail

If you like our work, please support this project by delegating Hive Power to @hive-naija or you can join our curation trail.

The benefits of the curation trail

Although it does help the community to make an impact, it's also a great way to earn Curation rewards. The Curation rewards are returns in investment for every individual who joins one.

Click HERE to join the curation trail or you can delegate to @hive-naija.

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Wow, congratulations @kei2 🥰🥰. You did a really good job with finding the clues 👍.

Thank you so much @hive-naija for the consolation prize ❤️🥺.

Thank you.

You are welcome.

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 to @kei2 for being the right winner here.
So thoughtful of you guys rewarding us with ecency points and dreem tokens just by attempting the question.

As for the hive naija meeting, I am warming up already. I wish there will be a kind of notification plz 🙏

Thank you.

The collaboration has begun and its got me feeling good about it already. The feeling is warm.

Oh my I won. Allow me to dance like this💃💃💃. I am truly grateful. Thank you so much.

I am looking forward to attending the meeting.

Thanks again.

congratulations to the winners though I don't get what this contest is all about, maybe I missed the post for the contest,

uffff 1960 ...60 I knew 1 and 10 first october your independence from us.
Well done @kei2 that was awesome
Well done @deraaa for all that you are doing!

Thank you so much.

Thank you for being such a great partner.

Thank you for lots of things...


Congratulations dearest.. Please how can I join the discord group or Telegram.

Congratulations winners and welldone everyone