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RE: Basically any story talking about Parler or Gab right now is biased and dumb

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Why can't we be the real winner?

The structural element parler, twitter and say Gab have in common is that they are all centralized and have an overarching owner of the company that own their product / platform.

Whilst I agree with you that Left reportage on Parler is a literal REEEE NAZI PLATFORM REEEE each and every time the Parler debacle is mentioned, It's a convenient scapegoat to gaslight as a hidey hole for terroristoroonies. Look at this pile of flaming garbage published today and their didactic chiding of anyone who even considers using a platform like Parler 'Down the rabbit hole': Trump backers seek online refuges after big tech backlash.

It's all self-perpetuated fluff, fear and lies that is being published now. Best to starve the beast by pulling out it's lifeblood and source of pulse, Globally disseminated Newswire services. News, Journalism and Investigative reporting has sunk to extreme lows this year and I don't think any more centralized social media platforms will offer a viable long term alternative. If Parler comes back, it will just continue being the inverse of Twitter with its user base, probably reaching millions of fake botnet sock accounts posting billions of posts a month of drivel like Twitter is now.

and people are going to have to learn how to install apps without the assistance of Google's Play Store. God forbid people actually learn how to do something that involves more than a single click, right?

Heh yeah, that's why we have low uptake on here. The onboarding process isn't one click - mightily confusing for 99% of sheeple.


what a wonderful reply. I wish you would post your own articles more frequently. You have a gift my friend.

Hey, thank you. A nice surprise to read your reply and I do appreciate it :-) Been a bit rough and dark recently so to know that there's another person reading and appreciating the interaction is pretty spesh.

Everyone else is screaming at each other. Peace