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RE: Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin Joins Elon Musk & Other Technocrats In Publicly Pushing SYNTHETIC WOMBS Because We Need More Humans! The War on The Mother Continues.

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I've also noted the war on nature, God and everything that is good, true and wholesome. Your excellent work here concentrates laser-like focus upon such an important topic. When I learned about the structured water inside us, understood AI needs us more than we need it, that was a monumental moment!

I'm grateful to have had the fortune of finding such a dependable source of relevant, hard hitting news and valuable intel. You're one of a handful of the very best on this platform. Much appreciated, @ura-soul!


Not sure if u do Telegram, but like to invite you to a chan if you're interested. Thanks for the kindness, my friend. I've saved some of your listed info/links to contact you in a more private setting.

Oh, thankyou for your kind words - I do what I can, despite those entities on Hive making it hard and trying to claim that the audience on Hive thinks about me the polar opposite of your statement here!

Yes, there a many people on Earth who hold extremely dysfunctional attitudes and energies - I don't so much aim to be received by them, but to point others to the situation so that they can better protect themselves!