CDC announces unvaccinated people are a danger to society

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Tucked into their new guidance issued today, the CDC inserted a few disturbing remarks about people who have not taken the Covid-19 "vaccines". Welcome to What They Really Mean (tm), my comical/dark way of translating propaganda, removing fluff, and exposing the narrative. In today's episode, the US CDC was motivated to update its guidance for the 37% of vaccinated American adults. Their new orders, simplified:

Once you are fully vaccinated, you can dine outdoors or attend a small outdoor gathering, unmasked, as long as any unvaccinated people are masked.

But you must avoid indoor gatherings with many people from multiple households, and wear a mask at large outdoor events such as concerts, parades, and sports.

We recommend masking for vaccinated people in crowded outdoor settings such as stadiums where there is decreased ability to maintain physical distance and where many unvaccinated people may be present. We will continue to recommend this until widespread vaccination is achieved.

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people should still wear masks in indoor public spaces like shops, malls, movie theaters, and museums.

President Biden is urging all Americans to get vaccinated. "Once you're fully vaccinated, you can go without a mask when you're outside and away from the vaccine hesitant," he said. "The bottom line is clear, if you're vaccinated, you can do more. So for those who haven't gotten their vaccination yet, especially if you're younger or think you don't need it, this is another great reason to go get vaccinated. Now."

If you aren't vaccinated, you’re a danger. If you’re vaccinated, you get to return to a more normal lifestyle. So get vaccinated.


  • Unvaccinated people still need to wear a mask around others.

  • Vaccinated people can be unmasked outdoors, unless near unvaccinated unmasked people.

  • It's still too risky for anyone to be unmasked inside.

Takeaway message: Unvaccinated people are a danger to vaccinated people. Once they all accept the vaccine, we will be safe from the virus, we will be free of the lockdowns and restrictions, and the economic collapse will finally be over.

The lengths the state is going to get people to take these so-called "vaccines" is astounding. I wrote last time about the bribes of junk food and social status already being offered to people thinking about signing up for this massive medical experiment. Now, the blatant threat of being outcast from society has been officially added to the pot. I guess some people can't be bribed, but they respond to being threatened or coerced?

For me, these tactics serve to make me MORE hesitant, not less. I sense the desperation, I feel the threats, I catch the lies, I notice the propaganda, I suffer under the censorship. None of this is about free will, or really getting people's informed consent. The CDC has no credibility, and no just power. They should be ignored, or better yet, disbanded forever.

We must remember, these "vaccines" do not stop anyone from becoming infected, and they don't stop anyone from infecting others. The drug companies are clear about this, but the media continues to lie to the public through omission of this fact, allowing them to believe the injections make them immune, and halt the pandemic. All the "vaccines" do is make people into silent superspreaders of the virus, because their symptoms are muted. Now we have the CDC (and media) claiming unvaccinated people are somehow a threat to themselves and others? How could that possibly be?

This is all about controlling humans, and not at all about controlling viruses.

Shame on CNN and other state media mouthpieces for passing along this social engineering, which will lead to the victimization of innocent people - and emergence of an apartheid state - simply because they have not accepted a rushed experimental injection. The mainstream media outlets and CDC are the danger to society, not unvaccinated people.



I guess I'm dangerous. Unvaccinated and unwilling to be.

What will the vaxxed do when they find out that they need a booster, then another, forever? And when enough time has passed, and they notice the "Normal" they were promised never returned? How much longer can they deny reality? It really is astounding, isn't it?

For sure. We are in uncharted waters here, almost no matter what angle you look at it from.
A lot of doctors (not on the state payroll of course) are now saying it appears the spike protein itself is a weapon of mass destruction, and may be transmitted between the vaccinated people and others nearby. The exact mechanism of transfer is yet unknown, but healthy unvaccinated people are suddenly getting heavy periods, miscarriages, and other symptoms just from being nearby people who have had a Pfizer or Moderna shot. Many are also saying the "vaccines" appear to be destroying natural immunity in people who already beat the virus, and destroying our chances at herd immunity. Many are calling for it all to be halted immediately, as we are in danger of possibly exterminating ourselves on a mass scale. These are top scientists and experts, not political talking heads CNN parades around. You'd think the pro-vaxxers would at least be questioning their stance? Or maybe it's not about the truth for them, it's an emotional/ideological decision, and one that has already been made.

Actually to tell the truth, in my case I think the vax may have cured my Asthma, lol I haven't wheezed or needed my rescue inhaler ever since I took it last month. Now I am beginning to think asthma may be related to COVID somehow.

Another bonus, the vax rejuvenated my dreams. I spent all last night flying around fleeing from cops, floating and visiting old friends.

To top it all off my general health is getting way better, my mind feels super crisp and clear, and i've been exercising every day now, which is more than before.

I don't think the non vexers are dangerous, but I agree I think I am very dangerous now! LOL I had no idea about this protein spike thing, but I was last in the household to get the vax, and you are right before I took mine my body felt like it was very much under attack.

I don't doubt you've had some changes to your health, and that they are due to the products you got. I'm glad to hear you feel better! Keep in mind, random outcomes can be bad just as often (or more often) than they are good. So for every person whose asthma goes away, somebody else has a seizure, and so on. But hey, maybe some new therapies can be discovered this way? Typically we prefer to discover things without rolling the dice and risking half our population, though... And also remember that these injections can set in motion processes that don't stop. So perhaps for a while the results are in your favour, but after a while, who knows.
I've had vivid dreams as a side effect to certain drugs before (legal and otherwise). Sometimes that's good and sometimes not so much!
Here's to your continued good health and not growing extra limbs.

It might not be far down the road that masks will be the (obligatory) marker for the infidels (unvaccinated). Like the star of david not that long ago. Scary shiiiiit!

They have been hinting at this for awhile now. The preconditioning is so obvious. When the vax doesn't work they will blame the minority that refuse to take it rather then question the efficacy of an experimental treatment.

You're right, it's obvious.... and that in itself is scary, because they don't seem to care. They know we know. It's on.

Are they really going to be able to get away with it? It seems so obvious, like you said. We're not the only ones who have noticed. There must be another nasty surprise waiting just around the corner. Something to make all this make sense.

I don't know about future planned events. What I do know is when they say just do this one more thing and it will be over it's going to be another lie. How many times have they already moved the goal post of what needs to be done?

Only way we get out of this peacefully is for everyone to just stop complying. If we could get everyone to do that it would stop overnight but good luck getting enough people on board. Lots of people want to be slaves I guess.😞

They really are trying to get more people to get this so called vaccine.😵

That's goal #1 right now, it's allllll about the vaccines! (and the digital passports that will be connected to them afterward)

Yeah man!
I feel like we're all taking crazy pills! Everything is backwards and upside down, and/or going where it should never go. Gotta keep a peaceful vibe of course! Greetings from BC bro.

Parallel to "smashing" & exposing the "Dirt" on this planet,
we should focus more & more on the new solutions for humanity.
I think they will be the Downfall for the Elite.
Conquer/target the "conscious consumer" & make money.😉

Hmmm, okay... consider us "hesitant" and "dangerous", then! <3