Seychelles, the most-vaccinated place on Earth, is being overwhelmed by Covid-19

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These "vaccines" not only don't work, they seem to increase illness and death! It just gets worse and worse for the most-vaccinated country on the planet, Seychelles, with a record number of deaths and cases announced today, and officials have little in the way of answers for the bewildered island nation.

For a review of the situation, please see my first post about it last week here, and my update a few days ago here. Here are the 'daily new cases' graphs from those posts:

It appears Seychelles reports data for a few days all at once, and then later revises it with exact totals for each day. For example, that spike of 1700 cases was spread out over the previous week, in which they hadn't reported at all. Thus, each day now shows about 300 new cases. That's still far worse than ever before, and it has been getting worse since it started in January. Before that, they had just a handful of cases, and nobody had died of Covid.

And now?

Today (May 13), they reported for 3 days (May 11, 12, 13), showing 4 new deaths and 1012 new infections. That's 337 new infections (on average) each of the last few days - a new record pace of transmission!

Things are really not looking good in Seychelles. In fact, they're far worse than in India, which is getting worldwide front-page headlines lately. Just in the past couple weeks, Seychelles has shot from #120 to #15 in terms of percentage of the population infected!

Officials make a statement

I managed to track down a recent statement, printed in local papers today, from Dr. Gedeon (Seychelles public health commissioner). Here are the highlights:

  • the dramatic rise in case and deaths was caused by careless people not following public health orders
  • at least 1 in 3 new cases was fully vaccinated
  • the plan is to find the last remaining unvaccinated people, and make them take the vaccine
  • a 3rd dose of vaccine may be given soon
  • officials are aware public is panicking and the world is now watching, will work closely with WHO

(Dr. Jude Gedeon)

So they're blaming the public for the sudden increase in illness and death since the mass rollout of vaccinations this year. Incredibly, one third of people getting sick have already had both their required doses of "vaccine"! The vaccine is like a picket fence trying to stop a tidal wave. And their plan is to push more doses (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) into as many people as they can!? Unbelievable.

Talk about doubling and tripling down on your mistakes! Their problems only began when they started vaccinating, and get worse the more they vaccinate! Imagine how the few remaining holdouts feel, seeing the vaccinated dropping like flies around them, and the state closing in with syringes?

For some very important related information, check out my article Spike proteins ALONE cause Covid-19. And we have to always keep in mind these shots are NOT vaccines, they are injections that re-wire our cells to generate spike proteins.



I feel quite sorry for this little Island 🏝. But let’s remember they also received almost entirely the Chinese vaccine which has c.3% efficacy after 1st dose and c.53% after 2nd dose.

People thought they were protected but they obviously were not.

The increase in death came from increase of new cases not the increase of vaccinated people.

They also use Astra Zeneca. Mutations probably plays a part here, I heard that Astra Zeneca is not effective against all the mutations. Probably the same applies to Sinopharm.

Indeed it is definitely possible. They got the 2 vaccines that are the least efficient against mutations and even “basic” covid-19

The increase in death came from increase of new cases not the increase of vaccinated people.

And where does the new cases are coming from?
Probably from the vaccinated people.

Agreed but I sais this because the post seems to pretend that there are more deaths because they were vaccinated.

The increase in the number of deaths is due to vaccines being not sufficiently efficient and therefore these people catch Covid and die from Covid; not vaccines.

Hard to believe they're claiming the lack of social distancing and masks for the sudden spike since January! The whole world is like that, it doesn't explain what's going on there. Their numbers are skyrocketing, and they say it's because not enough people have masks on? With 71% of people fully vaccinated?!?

Wow! I had thought after the last update, we wouldn't hear any more from Seychelles. I was wrong!
It must be so scary there, people dying and sick all around, even though more people there have had the shots than anywhere else. They must be thinking "what more can we do?" And the experts just say "take more shots!"

Wow there were zero cases for months before the "vaccine" and then immediately after, people start dying. Let's not pretend we can't clearly see case-and-effect here. Damn, looked like a really nice place to visit a couple of years ago...a tropical French-speaking island country off the coast of Africa, probably better than Nice.

Probably nicer than Bet, too!

Insanity! Good that you post about this, Bro.
And then they keep on lying & blame the healthy & sane
people. Incredible.
Stay away from the Vaccinated!

That spike in the daily new cases is like the spike in the price of Dogecoin. Scary.

I hope it "turns around" very soon & people "get it".
New Research: how to suppress spreading of Spike Proteins from
those Vaccines!

-Goes to google maps for Seychelles-

Someone should tell Seychelles to take a look at Haiti. No Vaccines, no lockdown, at a place known for illnesses and health concerns, and next to no COVID problems. They also have a much larger population than the tiny Seychelles.

Yeah! Haiti is getting a small spike in deaths now, but it's smaller than the first wave was. And that's probably small compared to the deaths that would have been caused by mass vaccination, and the lockdowns. I'd much rather be in Haiti (or preferrably, Sweden) than Seychelles, by a longshot.

Talk about not learning from their mistakes.

It looks a bit suspicious that the covid wave started right at the same time as the vaccination started. The Sinopharm vaccine is an inactivated virus, perhaps the "inactivation" was not good enough? It wouldn't be the first time, like polio is almost erradicated lest some few vaccine-induced cases.

There is another plausible theory as well ... I mean, just look up the Seychelles at the map, compared to most countries in Europe, they've had a trivial job securing the boarders and avoid getting Covid into the country in the first place. Now that most of the population is vaccinated, they've decided to open up the border and allow tourism. It's enough that one person carries the virus into the country, in a country where nobody expects to get infected it can spread like wildfire.

They've been dealing with cases for 16 months, just like the rest of the world, so the theory that they're only just now getting exposed to the virus is silly. They've had cases all along, just not any deaths, and the rate of infection never got out of control like it is now. Tourism doesn't explain any of it.

According to your graphs, it seems to have been a handful of cases prior to December. I must admit I know nothing about the covid situation in the Seychelles, but to me it looks like they have had good control of the borders. Some few infected people have arrived, but due to a good quarantine and/or test regime (and/or sheer luck) it never got out of hand. (I know of towns in Norway on the same size, but with a free flow of domestic transportation where they've done a pretty good job on keeping things under control until January 2021).

From around December the situation internationally has changed a lot due to new mutations. With new mutations, and only a full lock down can prevent an exponential growth of new cases.

To me it seems very likely that this wave of infections comes arrived from abroad and entered Seychelles in December.

The Seychelles has less than 100k inhabitants, to get statistically significant data it's probably more useful to look towards other countries that have been vaccinating aggressively, like Israel and the GB.

Also, the Sinopharm vaccine is perhaps not so effective. I thought I had heard numbers like 50%, but a quick internet search says it's 79% effective. Still less than Pfizer.

I read that around 60% of the population is vaccinated, around 30% of those tested positive was vaccinated, around 20% of those in hospital was vaccinated and 0% of those that have died was vaccinated. Using those figures, the vaccine should be 50% effective against getting infected in the first place, 67% effective against getting badly ill, and 100% effective against death. Of course, those numbers are hardly statistically significant, but still ... the data as I read them does not support the claim "vaccines are crap", only "the sinopharm vaccine is not very efficient".

I disagree, I think if you only had 10 or 100 participants, the data might not be very statistically accurate, but at 100 or 1000 (or the actual 98,000) people, the chance you're looking at a data anomaly is incredibly tiny. The official phase I and II trials contained smaller numbers of people, and are considered statistically valid enough to base a worldwide rollout upon.

When you say "less effective", remember you're talking about effectiveness at blocking symptoms once the vaccine recipient gets infected, not effectiveness at stopping transmission. As we're clearly seeing, these "vaccines" don't stop transmission.

It's 71% fully vaccinated. Nearly half of those testing positive are fully vaccinated.

I disagree, I think if you only had 10 or 100 participants, the data might not be very statistically accurate, but at 100 or 1000 (or the actual 98,000) people, the chance you're looking at a data anomaly is incredibly tiny.

There is less than 10k people that was infected, totally, and then the number of people that was vaccinated was growing over that period. Not easy to do proper statistics on it, but at least - if the UK and Israel is succeeding to suppress the virus with their vaccine program and the Seychelles doesn't, then clearly the Seychelles is the outlier.

It's 71% fully vaccinated. Nearly half of those testing positive are fully vaccinated.

I've read different figures, that 69% is vaccinated and 59% fully vaccinated. It could be that my source is not updated. Consider that it also takes like two weeks from one gets the vaccine until one has gained immunity, so it's the number two weeks ago we should be looking at, not the numbers of today.

Details, details. What matters is that, even when taking your numbers above, they do show that the vaccine does have some effect both at preventing people from getting infected in the first place and for preventing people from becoming seriously or even terminally ill. The problem is just that the vaccines they have been using is far less effective than what one would have hoped for - and apparently they opened up the society a bit too early.

I agree that it's hard/impossible to do "proper statistics" or analysis, and that's always a problem with emerging issues. This is a rushed response to a supposedly deadly global pandemic, and so any data coming in will be incomplete, uncertain, unreliable, and so on. That doesn't mean we can't see patterns and notice trends, which is what I think is going on. Sure, we can't cross the Ts and dot the Is perfectly right now, and we likely only know half the story, but pretending the "vaccines" are stopping transmission of SarsCoV2 at this point is ridiculous. We see groups of people being injected, deemed fully vaccinated, and then later on getting sick... over and over and over. Not just small numbers, but a large portion of the overall population. We can say we need to wait for better data, and I get where you're coming from, but my point that these products aren't stopping transmission can't be swept aside. The careless mantra "Safe and Effective" needs to be halted, as neither of those claims is in any way verified, and when you peer behind the censorship, you learn that both are in serious doubt.

pretending the "vaccines" are stopping transmission of SarsCoV2 at this point is ridiculous.

It was said all plain and clearly before the mass vaccination campaigns started, that we do not know weather the vaccines would stop transmission or not - we only knew that the vaccines would stop people from becoming ill. It has also been said over and over again that getting the vaccine is no guarantee against becoming ill. Now at least the statistics from Israel looks very promising - they have mostly been using the Pfizer vaccine. Of course, I have no clue if the numbers are to be trusted or not, but I see no reason not to trust them. Statistics from the UK, where the Astra Zeneca vaccine has been largely used, doesn't look that good at the moment - the curve is flat. But they have started opening up the society, the numbers would probably be growing if it wasn't for the vaccinations.

In Norway the authorities have stopped using Astra Zeneca, as the risk is considered greater than the benefit (for Norwegians in Norway, anyway - considering that the risk of catching Covid is relatively low in Norway, and everyone will get offered the Pfizer vaccine within the next months, it's no point taking a more risky vaccine).

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