They LIED about Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) which safely treat Covid-19

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We got lied to about a few things. One of them is chloroquine, a chemical compound widely used to treat viruses and parasites. You may recall a former US president endorsing hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), a very similar chemical with very similar uses. Their slander by government officials and mainstream media led to billions of people unnecessarily being injected with Covid "vaccines", which have NOT stopped the pandemic, and have injured and killed millions.

One lie is that they aren't effective at treating Covid - but they are. Another lie is that they are poorly understood and risky - but they are well understood and safe. But like other known Covid cures, they are lied about and censored so the "vaccines" are the only officially-endorsed antiviral treatment. The entire world is being pushed onto the unnecessary injections, lockdowns, vaccine passports, boosters, segregation, and complete technocratic control over our lives.

Yes, it's a global takeover attempt. This time, for ALL the marbles. This has nothing to do with keeping the people safe and healthy. It's not crazy to admit that anymore, that's just what's up. The only people who aren't openly accepting of that fact now are the elites themselves, and their collaborators. Very few are asleep/unconscious anymore. Some are pretending to be that way - the willfully ignorant - but deep down they also know it's a global takeover attempt.

Ivermectin and chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine are massively censored and slandered right now. But if you go looking, right to the source data itself, the truth you find is that they are truly safe and effective treatments/cures for Covid-19. They are what the "vaccines" purport to be, but are not.


What's the difference between chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine? One thing I notice the mainstream sources repeating is "they are NOT the same" and suggesting that only HCQ is legitimate.

My take from research I've done so far is HCQ is just the lab-made version of chloroquine. It's technically true that "they are not the same", because they've stuck a Hydroxy group (-OH) on chloroquine to make "hydroxychloroquine". Yes, they are almost the same, and predictably, have almost the same effects.

My guess is big pharma isn't making money on chloroquine, because it can be easily obtained from natural sources, so they point out at every opportunity these two chemical compounds are technically not the same. That's not a lie, but it's a lie of omission, because the point is that both appear to be effective against the same list of conditions, and they're both very safe!

To be fair, everything (even nutrients in our food) can be harmful if taken in the wrong way, or in large doses, or if we have other medical issues going on. And nothing is a cure-all for everything, or for everyone.

But my analysis is that both chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are much safer than any of the spike-protein generating "vaccines", and more effective at stopping Covid. Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are also known to treat many other viral and parasitic infections, just for starters, and have been used for many decades. They are well understood, safe, and one of the most effective tools humanity has against infectious outbreaks. The same goes for Ivermectin.

Read the studies and listen to independent experts for yourself, don't just take my word for it!

On a possibly-related note, I'm taking small amounts of this elixir a friend of mine gave me. I have been having symptoms consistent with spike protein exposure (perhaps from direct contact with a vaccinated person), and many Covid treatments are also great treatments for spike protein exposure.

She made it by extracting the essential oils from grapefruit rinds. Depending who you talk to, this method is effective at producing chloroquine. So this jar either contains beneficial antioxidants and terpenes, or it contains beneficial antioxidants, terpenes, and chloroquine. And either way, there's little to no danger to me, so I'm going to see how I feel on it. So far, I'm tolerating it quite well, although a little spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, if you know what I mean! Very bitter.

I will report back soon on how it goes.

There are known cures for Covid that are being suppressed, period. We have to at least ask why that is. And spread this knowledge.



Spot on, this is a Control issue, Not a medical one!

I expect that access to medical help (poor though it be) will be denied within the next year for unvaccinated people. Then access to groceries...mark of the Beast?

These are evil people, bent on Total domination of Everything, by ANY means; and they don't give a damn about anything else!

Sharing this....


Scary stuff, yeah... but we can still counter it, with awareness and numbers. Freedom and truth will win eventually, it's just a matter of what we might have to go through to get there. Thanks for the share : )

Moving to the country so I can grow what we need. Moved to herbal medicine several decades ago, because seeing this coming was not hard!

Already planting my medicine...but I intend to say NO, while we get clear; and then to Keep saying NO!

Our Tyrants In Training won't like it, and the sheeple (BAA....) Won't their understand loss of Freedom! Sadly, since they believe in violence for political gains, we will be seeing a lot more violence! Since they also believe in false flag attacks, we will be blamed for much of that violence.

Stock in a great first aid kit, I wish I could add Chloroquine etc.!


Western medicine has been a scam since drug prohibition. Western medicine was at its best when doctors could and would prescribe herbal remedies without profit. This has snowballed way out of control.

This is a very well written information packed article, thank you for taking the time to compose it and share with us.

I've never had an ingrained fear of airborne viruses, and this lack of worry + a period of super heavy drug use in the past made me realize one day: "wait a sec... I've not had any shots in a long time and have been living very unhealthy and am just not getting sick ever..." Then later was coerced by the veterans administration and I become so ill I almost died in the same month, twice...

I think I told you the story a little more in depth before, but ultimately this was when I really started waking up...

I'm not expecting to get sick, as I've still remained 100% asymptomatic for anything during this entire plandemic. I will try to eat healthy and not worry, and if I do get sick, I'll assume some injected person shedded up onto me. I can only assume because I cannot see invisible bugs and believe they inject people with the created viruses and they become the infectious, and I believe that's how it's always been. Only belief, I don't know shit.

70 year old Dave on Bitchute Ate some horse paste ordered directly from Amazon lol, and he's still alive and well.

Really nice job on providing your family with some natural health remedies. This is stuff that is just good for you by the looks of it, and for the antioxidant properties, and is probably just good to consume whenever!

I beat about a 20 year addiction to pharma stomach acid pills by simply eating 1 clove of raw garlic a day, and no meat. I was cured almost instantly :)

Garlic is a miracle herb too, and I know you know that and produce some of the finest garlic in the entire world.

Great article, thanks man.

HCQ/Chloroquine aids in blocking the spike protein from the cell ACE2 receptors. They've known since 2005. (if anyone says anything about that link, the infection process is the same as COVID, Spike protein to the ACE2 receptor.)

It's insane anyone paying attention knew this in March 2020. There were tons of papers on the NIH site about how to fight COVID. Then came the zinc & ionophore kill shot which stops the virus RNA replicase hijacking in the human cell. COVID is weak if you just have the right supplements in your system. Tons of people have confirmed this with Dr. Zelenko being one of the earliest.

Since the "pandemic" started I've traveled back and forth from Japan to the States 5 times. I've traveled all over Japan & The US without much of a care as anyone can see in my posting history. The reason is I take Quercetin daily with zinc, a multi, C and drink lots of green tea which has an antiviral polyphenol, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

I think that the powers that be are making a run for it. Too many people were becoming too aware of their evil activities, of our ability to heal ourselves without their pharma, and the plethora of knowledge the internet enabled at your fingertips. Of course, they've been planning all of this for a long time so who knows. We gotta keep unplugging people from the VAX matrix though.

That's a great comment.
Thanks for your info and personal anecdotes.
That mix of supplements sounds great. I imagine you also make sure to get enough vitamin D especially in darker months.

Thanks. Yes, for sure. I am out in the sun a lot, even in the winter months so in addition to the supplement D, the sun's got my back. Now, about that skin cancer that will rear it's head I'm later years...

Hard to tell exactly on this map, but in Japan, most people will want to supplement with Vitamin D during the darker months, such as December and January. It costs almost nothing, and it has no side effects except a balanced immune system and better overall health. Almost all humans nowadays are deficient and many of the top killers can be prevented with Vitamin D.

Cancer sucks but there are cures, especially for skin cancers. You could even treat your skin prophylactically with a cannabis topical (cream or oil). No psychological effects that way, but it would treat/prevent any cancers thinking of starting. I use it for joint pain. Gets in there within seconds, and relieves at least 50% of my pain, letting me get back to life, kids, etc. Don't worry too much about cancer, we can fix that! : p

The evidence just keeps piling up.
Fauci and a handful of others lied for the agenda.
This could end any time. It's only going on because they want it to.

I like those "it ends when we all say NO" signs people bring to protests...... so true.

That's meee!! Turn off the TV and think used to be my favourite, but now, the NO sign for sure is.

Another for the house of cards...

Greetings my friend, Word on everything you said...i think dosing HCQ & Ivermectin is important...
Did you ever hear about the "5 Biological Laws" (Dr.Hamer/Germany)?
Check them out!

Thanks bro, I will look into that concept. Have a great weekend : ))

Thanks! Same to You & Yours!
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The creator of mRNA technology admitted that the spike protein should be expected to shed, studies have found it circulating in the body post-injection where we are told it should stay in the shoulder muscle, some of the highest levels in the sweat glands, so one can see how easily it would be to shed. Spike protein specifically also shown in studies to be capable of causing disease, with or without virus, so it’s entirely possible you are dealing with what you think. Keep us posted how the natural elixir goes.

I’d go with ivermectin over hydroxychloriquine if I had to choose one of those commercial options for anything; they use chloriquine in Africa for malaria treatment, and although effective it has some pretty rough side effects - though nothing compared to this experimental injection. From the research I’ve done, ivermectin isn’t as hard on the body as chloroquine, but I have no idea about what it’s like in a naturally derived solution as you are taking, it could be altogether different than the commercialized pills they sell over the counter. Regardless, the suppression of known effective treatments is criminal, for no other reason but to ‘legitimize’ the ‘emergency authorization’ upon which the injection campaign was launched and perpetuated when no such actual emergency existed. I sometimes struggle to bend my mind around how corrupt the Big Pharma-driven political-medical establishment truly is, and sometimes my only conclusion is that those behind such agendas are not human.