The War on Human Consciousness and the Great Opportunity We Are Being Presented With to Liberate Our Planet

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With all of the tyrannical insanity going on in the world these days, it is all too easy to become overly focused on the negativity and seemingly hopeless direction things are going for those who value truth and freedom. The world is rapidly changing, perhaps faster than ever before in human history, and not for the better, as the march to global tyranny speeds up faster by the day. At this point, most of us who are not completely caught under the hypnotic spell of fear cast by these dark rulers have by now begun to see the direction humanity is being steered by those in power who are orchestrating this "Great Reset" of society, and only champions of oppression and the total enslavement of the human race are capable of viewing the technocratic future which lies ahead as humanity's salvation, as these technocrats have publicly laid out their plans for all to see and openly tell us of this plan to enslave humanity, if we but read between the lines.

Things may appear quite depressing and hopeless at this stage in the transformation of our planet with all of the human rights being trampled and all of the suffering being caused by the technocratic policies being rolled out, but just behind these surface events reflective of a human race being fast enslaved lies a revolution that will never be televised, but a revolution the likes of which this planet has never before seen, a revolution that has the power to free humanity from the clutches of the tyrannical systems which have kept the human race in a state of bondage for centuries. Forms of slavery and oppression that were once tolerated are now becoming intolerable to many, due to the extreme nature of the human rights abuses and tyrannical coercion being weaponized against us, and this is triggering the awakening of many who had otherwise been oblivious to the perpetual state of oppressive slavery our planet and the human spirit has long been subjected to.

As more and more people see the illogical, unscientific, and nonsensical nature of so many of the 'measures' being forced upon humanity, and as the injection coercion campaign continues to intensify, we are all being faced with a choice: Comply, or be forced out of the new technocratic society. It may appear on the surface that this is all about an injection because the injection is currently at the center of this coercion campaign and consequently the resistance against it, but in reality this is not at all the case. This is about so much more than just a shot and whether or not we will take it, this is about the removal of free will from those who do not wish to comply with the tyrannical agenda and those who are resisting the attempt to force them to give up both their bodily autonomy and their free will in order to survive.

Those who may not yet see it will soon recognize that this is a spiritual war for the very soul of humanity, a war being waged on human consciousness by the powers of darkness in this world, and this is abundantly clear to all who are familiar with the primary tools and strategies of the 'dark side', the oppressors of humanity, which remain unchanged throughout time. See Aaron Abke's extremely informative video below detailing these 4 main strategies used by those who wish to enslave humanity and plunge the planet into a state of permanent darkness, which also includes one of the most powerful and concise summaries of the myriad forms of slavery currently in place across western society, particularly here in the US, which we must liberate ourselves from if we are to ever live free.

Understanding the techniques and methods of those actively enslaving humanity is extremely important to the task of liberating ourselves from that slavery, for the physical forms of slavery are only reflections of the mental and spiritual chains ever binding the minds of the masses and inhibiting their escape from this 'Matrix' or beast system, the prison which has been built around us. Just as the path of love (light) is strengthened by honoring the free will of all, so is the path of fear (darkness) strengthened by removing the free will of others through coercion by convincing people to willingly give up their free will to the oppressor. And this is what we are seeing on a global scale, the attempt by the spiritual powers of darkness on this planet to coerce the unwilling into voluntarily relinquishing their free will.

This is what 2021 has all been about - how far must they go to coerce the unwilling into compliance, and how many of us will never relinquish our free will no matter the cost. Everyone who has a strong conviction for any reason that the injection is not right for them or their family and caves to the pressure has voluntarily relinquished their free will, whether it feels voluntary or not, and has helped to strengthen the darkness. On the other hand, those who continue to stand by their beliefs and convictions no matter how difficult their decision to not comply with the mandates of this coercion campaign makes their life, have served to empower the forces of light and love. Millions of people across the planet are being forced to choose between compliance and losing their job, and increasingly their very ability to function in society at all. And they will not stop squeezing us, they will continue to turn up the pressure, and as they do so, despite the difficult position it is putting so many into, millions are standing strong and refusing to comply. Welcome to the Revolution.

But mass noncompliance is only the beginning of this revolution, just as the shot is only the beginning of the endgame for those advancing this coercion campaign, with digital passports to follow, then a social credit system, and on down the line, until nobody who dissents in any way, shape or form will be permitted to function in society at all. And so noncompliance is only the first step of resistance, and the very survival of all who wish to remain free and intend to retain their bodily autonomy necessitates the creation of competing alternative systems and communities, ways to live outside of the emerging technocratic society; for if we do not do so, we will in short order be forced to comply with the tyrannical edicts of the rulers of the system in order to literally sustain our lives. ‘Comply or die’ is the message being sent, and it will only be a matter of time until this becomes a cold hard reality for many of the noncompliant. Many are beginning to realize this truth, and many of those have begun taking steps to build the future they wish to see, acting to create alternatives to the tyrannical establishment system that will never allow peace and freedom to shine. Working within the system is not a viable solution, and that is now finally being made clear to all. The only solution is to take back our power by withdrawing our support from the institutions seeking to enslave us, and finding ways to survive outside that system.

Independent journalist and activist Derrick Broze is among those on the front lines of this war, and has long been focused on real solutions for spiritual seekers and freedom lovers, and recently finished up his US "Activation Tour," which was aimed at inspiring those all around the country who see the problem now facing humanity to focus on solutions. He talks about this and some of those solutions in a recent video, "Is There A Mass Awakening Happening in 2021?"

There is absolutely a mass awakening happening in 2021, that much seems undeniable, but awakening alone is not enough if those who have awakened take no direct action to ensure their survival as free men and women, by building sustainable alternatives to the technocratic system which in the near future will become impossible to live within for those who will not comply.

This is the great opportunity this generation of humanity has been given, a perfect storm creating the conditions now forcing us to choose between freedom and total slavery, and requiring that we take action to build a sustainable future independent from the machinations of our oppressors if our choice is freedom. There is no other way forward for those on the path of love and light, for those whose choice is to live free, for those who will not comply with the Cult of fear which has hijacked human consciousness and hypnotized the masses. And if we are to succeed in this task, we must put our differences used by the societal programmers to keep us in perpetual states of division aside, and unite in resistance to this tyrannical madness, unite in love. In this revolution there is no black and white, left and right, rich and poor, capitalist and communist; there is only freedom and slavery, light and darkness, love and fear, choice and coercion, life and death. We are all making a choice, and if our choice is to remain divided over petty issues like race, nationality, politics and class, then we have chosen the path of fear, the path which can only lead us into the darkness.

And while it may not look like it on the surface, many are choosing love, freedom, and unity. As much as the corporate media hides it, the reality is that humanity is coming together in so many ways rarely seen before in history, in defense of freedom and opposition to the coercion, tyranny and insanity. Many of us are already finding ways to actively build alternatives to help ensure our survival as free men and women. Community gardens, alternative currencies, underground economies, independent sustainable communities, and freedom cells are just a few of the ways people are coming together for freedom and for each other, for the survival of humanity.

There will soon come a day when those who will not comply with the technocratic agenda will be forced out of 'mainstream' society altogether, it is already increasingly happening, and as more and more people are forced out of the Matrix system, the more opportunities and need there will be for competing alternatives if these people are to survive. And if humanity's choice is to be love rather than fear, then these are the people who absolutely must survive to help usher in a new age of peace, of freedom, of light. While many may not yet see it, this is already happening, with more and more people finding ways to further remove themselves from the societal constructs enslaving humanity each and every day. Although many good people are caving to the pressure, many are standing strong and refusing to comply.

New sustainable communities are forming all across the planet. People are uniting in love, and refusing to feed the divisive, fear-based narratives responsible for controlling the minds of the masses. People are fleeing the most tyrannical states in droves for more freedom friendly places. Parents are pulling their kids out of government indoctrination centers and homeschooling them. People across the planet are waking up, freeing their minds, and taking steps to liberate themselves - both physically, mentally, and spiritually - from the tyrannical control grid that once had an iron grip on the minds of the masses but is now quickly losing that control. It is a long and slow process to free ourselves from the systems we've been so reliant on and accustomed to for so long, but it is happening, and this process is speeding up by the day, right alongside the mandate madness.

And while there is naturally much anger amongst those being forced out of society over their noncompliance, many are choosing to respond with compassion rather than anger, such as dozens of Seattle first responders who lost their jobs over their noncompliance and took to the streets to feed the homeless in a powerful and loving show of nonviolent resistance - no masks, no social distancing, no jabs, no discrimination, just a bunch of unvaxxed, unemployed people showing their community that they do not intend to stop helping their neighbors just because they're no longer frontline workers.

It is small, little noticed revolutionary acts such as these that will save humanity, and they are taking place all around the world, just rarely covered by the news. And this is what the revolution looks like, not riots in the streets, not buildings being torched, and not even an angry citizenry taking up arms against the state; and that is why this revolution, unlike all the violent revolutions of the past, actually has the potential to usher in long-term positive change, to bring about a golden age of peace, freedom and equality.

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Things will continue to get worse before they get better, but that is simply the way this revolution must go, and it is not necessarily a sign that we are losing this war. Anyone who is familiar with the process of inner healing knows that true and lasting peace and healing can only come after one recognizes, acknowledges and faces their own inner darkness, which, although necessary, is a very painful and unpleasant process, often known as shadow work, as Karl Jung called this darkness buried within our psyche our shadow. There is a whole lot of darkness in the human consciousness we must heal before we can free ourselves from the prison this darkness has created, and we as a collective are now being forced to face that darkness, the physical manifestations of darkness we are all witnessing but a mirror of the state of our collective consciousness. The darkness is only there because we as a collective have supported the corrupt systems that perpetuate it, and although it is now becoming increasingly impossible for the masses to ignore, it has always been there lurking just beneath the surface, and is now simply coming out into the open for all to see. And seeing it for what it is, we can simply choose to stop participating in and supporting the corrupt systems responsible for it all. From the thought systems to the financial and societal systems used to enslave humanity, all we must do to free ourselves is withdraw from the system, and in doing so escape from the Matrix.

By forcing those of us out of society who cannot in our right minds comply with this insanity, the self-appointed rulers of the globalist Mandavaxx cult are doing humanity a favor, and speeding this process right along. Being forced out of this corrupt society one by one, it is now up to all of us to help build a better society in place of the self-destructing one we once called our own, and in doing so we will not only ensure our own survival and the survival of freedom in the face of the most despotic march of tyranny this planet has seen, we will also be offering hope to all those tiring of the oppression but yet feeling trapped within the walls of the tyrannical prison our western corporate society has now become.

As @valued-customer recently wrote, and I couldn't agree more:

This is what everything was all about all along. The brass ring, the greatest prize, the very stars of the heavens themselves, are within our grasp, and our enemies prepare the way for our victory.

Let's seize the day, today, and birth a new heaven and a new Earth for our sons and daughters, so that all humanity can rejoice at the gift of life forever.

We are the saviours we have been waiting for. We're here.

Let's get to it.

Yes, let's get to it indeed. The future is ours, freedom is our birthright, liberation our destiny, and our own failure to act now the only thing in the world that can stop us. Welcome to the revolution. For those with their eyes open, the signs are everywhere, and though it will never be televised, the revolution is here. It is not necessary to see just how humanity will triumph over the powers of darkness in the end, or exactly what part we as individuals will ultimately play to bring about the future we all seek, but we all must act, because the journey into the new world can't begin until we take the first step out of the old one.

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This is a war, but it will not be won with the conventional weapons of warfare, nor will it be won by using all of our energy in a bitter fight against the 'enemy'. No, we will win this war simply by withdrawing from the system and creating our own alternative competing systems and communities, and then the beast will simply starve and the system collapse upon itself. Starve the beast, feed the light. That is the greatest, most powerful act of resistance any of us can engage in. Now is the time, but not for violent uprising, political debate or reliance on others to solve the problems that now lie before us as a species; rather it is time for faith, action and dedication to nonviolent resistance to the forces of darkness fueling the insanity that is ripping humanity apart. Nothing less will do.


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Awesome Jason, let's push this revolution forward. The elites have lost their momentum. Here in Africa apparently only 6% of the continent is vaccinated and yet covid has almost disappeared...not that it ever was a pandemic at all.

Yes, we are in a "birth of a new humanity" together with Mother Earth.
A birth can be painful...

Excellent work !!!
Thank you very much.

Thank you for your piece and my introduction to Aaron Abke :)