Whispers in the Dark, Voice Dissent as Freedom Fades, the Sound of Revolution in the Air

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Everywhere I turn, these days, I can sense the spirit of resistance in the air. People aren’t buying the media lies as the Covid1984 illusion continues to crumble. You may not be surprised by the number of propaganda banners I’ve seen telling people to get their flu shot to keep them safe from ‘Covid19’, the above example from a rural Arizona highway, and yet the media continues to insist that it is those who question whether the new ‘virus’ is just influenza rebranded with a bunch of chronic disease cases thrown into the mix to jack up the numbers...

Just yesterday I walked into the Sierra Vista Public Library without a mask on, and the librarians didn’t say a word, despite a citywide mandate, and the lady I sat down next to at the ‘internet cafe’ in the lobby had her mask pulled under her chin. On several occasions I’ve walked right past city police without a mask inside buildings and they’ve never said a word, while a good 10-25% of the population ignores the tyranny, some small businesses even refusing to post the required notice regarding the mandate.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve overheard masked Walmart employees remark how they “know it’s BS,” or a scam, or not about safety, but they do it to keep their job, or ask customers to do it because of corporate policy; but if you just kindly refuse or ignore their request, they don’t push it any further.

Everywhere I turn I hear the way people are talking, and although many won’t say it directly, it’s obvious they don’t buy into this whole ‘pandemic’ insanity any longer, even if they still go along with it for whatever reason, probably to avoid making waves or because the majority is still complying with whatever they’re being asked to do.

Just a couple weeks ago I overheard a nice old lady exclaim how, “they say it’s gonna get worse again, of course it is, it’s a lot easier to control people when they’re in constant fear, but if you ask me, it’s starting to look a lot like communism and they’re not gonna stop.”

People are waking up to the lies, to the insanity, to the reality that this isn’t about any pandemic, it’s not about health and safety, it’s about controlling you and how you think.

My sister’s a nurse, and she cancelled her ‘vaccine’ appointment just the day before I believe, because she was hearing so many stories of serious adverse events and injuries from fellow nurses. There’s a reason over 50% of US nurses are refusing this experimental injection.

In fact everyone I talk to these days is questioning this shot, even those who don’t have a conspiratorial bone in their body (until now, if you listen to the media’s portrayal of what I am becoming increasingly convinced is the silent majority of humanity). They talk about overcoming ‘vaccine hesitancy’ as if it’s simply a matter of explaining the ‘facts’ to people, when just about anyone who’s talked to anything more than a small handful of recipients have heard of at least one severe adverse reaction. “Just talk to your friends, your family, people you know who’ve gotten it,” Biden urges, as if that’s gonna help persuade us. We have talked to those who’ve gotten it, dummy, that’s the reason we’re so hesitant in the first place!

My brother’s in the military, and he’s not getting it either, why would he, it’s clearly all about profit and not stopping a pandemic that’s gone, plus it’s infecting tons of people with the coronavirus. That’s a US soldier’s take on it anyway. “Mark of the beast,” that was his non- conspiratorial conclusion on it, and I can assure you that these military folk resisting the jab are mostly not the types to question government authority, their entire training is designed to have them jumping to obey orders. Still, officially 40% or more military personnel are rejecting it, but from my brother’s firsthand account it sounds to be much higher, with only the higher-ups who are pressured getting it in order to be able to more effectively convince those in the lower ranks to accept it. So far, this method of persuasion has been entirely ineffective. This is how blatant the propaganda has become, that even the obedient imperial foot soldiers don’t believe the empire any more...

Every single person in my immediate circle of friends and family stand opposed to this experimental injection, none of them previously being ‘anti-vaccine’. No one I know takes wearing masks seriously. People are waking up. Even many of those in local businesses pressuring you to comply with the measures, it turns out upon discussion, don’t believe ‘Covid19’ poses much of a threat, acknowledge the inability of the ‘vaccine’ to ‘protect’ people, and some even aware the ‘virus’ hasn’t been isolated, after all China’s top virologist was featured on mainstream television news as directly stating this fact. And yet they think we’re so stupid, we can’t read between the lines, or so numb with fear we’ll just keep going along to get along.

Sure, some will, but even those aren’t convinced in their minds and hearts that what they are doing is in the best interest of humanity, and most don’t interfere with your choice to ignore the tyranny they are tasked with enforcing. People are waking up.

They’ve censored just about every independent voice from social media, but they can’t stop the viral ‘spread of conspiracy theories’, that’s how widespread the dissent has become. It might look they’re winning this information war on the surface, but look a little deeper and it becomes clear they are losing pretty badly. The truth, on all levels, is getting out, with independent artists never featured on mainstream radio managing to make the #1 ITunes download spot time and time again. Take for example the powerful song, “Cancer,” by controversial rapper Tom MacDonald, probably the most important song of 2020, and it has over 2.5 million views on YouTube alone, taking direct shots at Big Pharma while effectively pulling at viewers heart strings and offering encouragement for those fighting cancer all at once.

It’s not just the media that can fight this battle for the human mind by pulling on people’s heart strings, it’s just that we’ve got the truth and love on our side as well...

There are so many ways the illusion is crumbling, and the COVID lies are just one small facet of that, with each establishment deception playing its part in this agenda, meaning challenging them at every level, from proven cancer cures being suppressed to 9/11, all threatens the Covid1984 agenda, helping to bring it crumbling down.

People are waking up, and the mass global freedom protests prove it, as millions marched worldwide to resist this march to tyranny on March 20.

Nicaragua never imposed lockdowns or mask mandates and crushed the ‘virus’, Ben Swann’s recent video details .

Examples from the few other US states that never imposed mask mandates compared to neighboring states shows that masks don’t work, but of course anyone familiar with the real science already knew that.

Now there is an uprising of states tossing their mask mandates, and people continue to fare just fine. Arkansas was the latest to join this freedom party, just yesterday I believe, following South Dakota, Texas, Mississippi, Montana, and Iowa, with Alabama going mask free in a week starting April 9, at which point at least 18 states will have officially repealed their tyrannical mask measures, with a number of those states also fully opened back up again, back to normal, even as the media says that won’t be possible until we ‘defeat the virus’ (and that won’t ever happen, so never a return to normal, you see).

That number of statewide mask mandate-free states increases to 19 if you include Michigan’s Supreme Court Decision rendering the executive order mandating masks unconstitutional, simply replaced with a new unconstitutional order that must be taken all the way back through the courts again to be ‘legally’ declared unlawful.

Sure, in some cases these repeal of mask mandates are simply concessions being made to ‘vaccine hesitant’ populations to give the extra incentive, but still, a little uprising against the mask tyranny no less, and it’s pissing off the biosecurity state, with Biden calling such return to freedom and sanity “Neanderthal” thinking. Cool, I’d rather be considered a Neanderthal than be a slave or dead, and from the quiet whispers all around me, I gather that a whole lot of others feel the same.

It’s time to realize that we are the silent majority, and all that is left to do to end the madness is to make our voices heard. It’s impossible to censor just about everyone on the internet and then claim those being censored are a fringe minority, but that’s what they’re doing, and from the whispers I hear around me, those who actually buy this nonsensical insanity the media is selling is the real minority, and it’s growing smaller every day. Turn off the news and listen closely to those around you, and in many cases even those many of us would likely label a ‘blind sleeping sheep’ by their outward behavior are in fact waking up on the inside, asking the questions today that will lead them to take off their mask tomorrow, and calling them out or being rude to them for complying with the tyranny won’t help our cause in the slightest. At the most fundamental level this is a war between love and fear, and the only way the establishment loses is if love wins.

Keep resisting the insanity, but just try not to judge others by their initial appearance, as we’re all in the NWO crosshairs whether or not we’ve acknowledged it. People are waking up in droves, asking questions, voicing dissent, but until now most of us keep our questions and our dissent to a quiet whisper. But that whisper is echoing across the planet, as more and more begin to realize that we are all the silent majority. And then all that’s left to do is make our voices heard, in more ways than one, and watch the system fall. The revolution is already here, but it will never be televised, and that is the only thing convincing us that we are still a minority.

Can you hear the sound of revolution in the air? I can, it sounds like freedom, and that smell of resistance in the air, it smells so sweet. The uprising we’ve all been waiting for, it’s already here, most of us just don’t realize it yet.

“There are voices in the streets, and the sound of running feet, and they whisper the word, ‘revolution’...” - Revolution, Payday Monsanto feat. Ampkilla

And a second copy without the outro...


People are definitely waking up, yes. That's part of the plan, too. The powers that be have internet access, and in many cases are just as smart (or smarter) than the average person, so they're aware that people are waking up. For some reason, we forget that, and act like we might be pulling a fast one on them. We aren't! They're on to us "awake people", and have been since before we were awake.

"telling people to get their flu shot to keep them safe from ‘Covid19’, the above example from a rural Arizona highway"

I don't see it claiming the flu shot keeps people safe from Covid, but maybe it said something else before or after you took the shot? It seems to be the standard "get your flu shot" message that is always being broadcast in such locations. You're right that the flu shot is pointless, especially right now, with all the masks and lockdowns, there's almost no flu out there. What little flu there is, gets relabeled as Covid.

Tom MacDonald has lyrical skill, but he's half woke, and his lyrical content is a limited hangout. For example, mainstream cancer treatment is a trillion dollar a year industry, and big pharma is public enemy number one, but Tom neglected to mention there are alternative cancer treatments. He focused on the strength of the cancer patient, but didn't offer a solution, even though one is readily available. He's about Tom first, and the truth second or third. That's okay, I'm just saying, there are better hiphop artists out there, who don't pull punches and protect the state with what they aren't saying. That said, Tom wouldn't have got the audience he has, if he had gone head to head with the state and big pharma. He'd have been taken down by now if he was a real threat to the system.

I don’t believe for one second that masks and lockdowns had anything to do with the disappearance of flu, what with the CDC’s own meta-analysis of 14 random controlled trials finding absolutely no evidence of mask use by anyone reducing influenza transmission or cases, plus at least 27 studies finding no evidence lockdowns helped stop spread or number of cases of ‘Covid19’.

But I am well aware that ‘they’ are aware people are waking up, it’s pretty obvious they are becoming increasingly desperate to control the narrative with propaganda and censorship efforts and the like, but thankfully them being onto us doesn’t effect our ability to withdraw our consent/support and unplug from the system, leaving it to collapse under its own weight (or continue enslaving those who remain willing participants in the system). I know, there are steps between waking up and uniting to take direct action to starve this beast to death, but humanity’s ever moving in that direction, just give it time. Those pushing the agenda are mostly all pretty old, and they will die off in one or two decades. Also, every empire collapses, their fall is inevitable, the only question is will it be predominantly peaceful or violent transition, and how many years will it take. The paradigm shift from fear to freedom is already underway, and I do not see them having the ability to stop it at this point.

As to the sign, it seemed self-evident to me that it wasn’t aimed at ‘keeping AZ healthy’ from the COVID not flu, as it is spring now and flu season is in the fall/winter. I’ve also never seen such electronic banners with flu messages before and I was in several of these exact places in winter 2019 before all this went down, where I’ve been seeing the propaganda recently, and back then there were no such signs (or at least not public health messages). I know they have their yearly flu shot campaigns every fall, but this seems to be more related to the endless COVID ‘pandemic’. They’ve never demanded we wear masks for the flu, also just down the highway another sign clearly said, “Covid19 masks required,” demonstrating the mask is about COVID not flu, plus the media has even reported that flu shot can actually help stop COVID hospitalizations, so it seemed clearly they were relating the two, but maybe I am mistaken and they are now just busy fighting the flu with all these signs even as the media continues ramping up COVID propaganda and flu has mysteriously disappeared... If that is the case, it also shows their absurdity. I should also note that I did see a similar sign in Utah in early winter that was more direct: “Stop Covid-19. Get your flu shot.” It may have also had “do your part to stop the spread” or something along those lines in there, it’s been a few months and I didn’t take a picture, but it specifically mentioned covid and flu shot on the same sign, so it seems to be a trend to relate the two in public health messaging propaganda.

You might be right about Tom, but everybody’s half woke at some point on their journey to awakening, and he says enough that if I was Big Pharma, I wouldn’t approve. He could be more direct and point to the proven treatments of course, of which there are too many to list here, but simply mentioning that there’s a suppressed cure and pointing to the motive to suppress it (trillion dollar industry) will got a normie’s mind spinning, and I think this approach is more effective in waking up the masses. Get people asking the questions themselves, rather than telling them the way we see it, and then when they do see the truth, whatever truth it is, it will be their truth that they discovered on their own quest for answers, and they won’t be swayed by any propaganda at that point. There are plenty of people out there ready to show seekers the evidence of alternative cancer treatments when they start looking for them, and most people I know (not just the ‘conspiracy theorists’ and anti-government types) are already aware by now that natural remedies exist and work, as so man people are being cured with natural medicine it’s hard to suppress that fact as people tend to share their success stories with friends and family. Big Pharma’s fighting a losing battle, and there’s no way they can win this war, there’s too many people onto their racket.

Everyone plays their part in this global awakening, and I have no doubt Tom is doing much good for humanity right now, reaching those who would never listen to the likes of you or I probably :) But Payday’s pretty real, don’t you think? Of course he doesn’t get the millions of views that Tom does, your case in point...

Have you seen the documentary, “Heal” - pretty powerful stories in there, it’s one of those films that has done wonders to bring down Big Pharma...

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