What's Going On, Vol. 4 [Show Notes]

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The "What's Going On, Vol. 4" video presentation will be posted in a separate thread. This particular post is being added as a URL via all instances of the video that I post online and allows those who watch it to dig deeper into the topic.
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Thanks for stopping by and checking out the notes for the latest “What’s Going On” compilation, Volume 4.

It’s a shame that it’s even possible to do another episode on this topic, because the gutless health and sporting institutions are still mostly silent on it. I was just round a friends house this afternoon casually watching a football game and there was yet another stoppage in the game due to a fan having a medical issue, it really is relentless and impossible to ignore at this point. Respect to ex-professional Matt Le Tissier who is speaking out very directly and regularly about this, and sacrificing a career in sport punditry as a result, top man. This episode features many instances all from the month of January 2022. Below you’ll find full sources and further information.

Previous episodes are available via the following playlist (Vol. 1 - 4):

The majority of the clippings from the latest edition are sourced here: https://goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot
This is a site which has become the primary resource for keeping track of these events. It’s regularly updated and they’re going the extra mile to try and look deeper into each case and have even had direct communication with some of the athlete’s themselves.

I have taken the time to strip out each link from instances occurring in January 2022 which are featured in “What’s Going On, Vol. 4”, you can view them all below:

For further reading/investigation on the topic here are some other articles, websites and blogs to check out:


Other reading / watching / listening:


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