The truth always wins out...The collapse of the covid narrative.

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Are all the mask wearings feeling , like, really, really_ stupid yet?
Or angry at being duped?
Or angry at themselves for being a sheep?

Or are you still believing the powers that be, that are brainwashing you?
No seriously, no one is by now..... surely?

Lose the fear, and smell some coffee - it smells great!

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We get as much tyranny as we tolerate,...

To bad Elke Klerk has no platform in Dutch politics , Ell presidento Rutte act's like a kid that for the first time in his life sees yearly death count's ... Look at all those people die ... we all must live forever !... talking about dick heads ;-)

I am excited about this but we all know that the media and the underground powers that be will go on the offensive to discredit all of these people. I'm rooting for them though.

They can try...bu the truth will out - I just hope tat the cost isn't too high before it happens..