Investment in semiconductors and scientific research in times of political tensión

As usual I will start this post, greeting all my friends and followers on this prestigious blockchain, today I bring you some views and reflections on the situation of political and technological instability that has arisen between the US and China over the control of semiconductors.

The truth is that the US is challenging China in the microchip war, according to recent revelations by White House Chief of Staff Joe Biden, who claimed that China has actively lobbied against new legislation that would increase US investment in semiconductors.

Specifically, the U.S. President signed new legislation that provides for increased investment in semiconductors and scientific research in order to increase the competitiveness of the United States compared to other major international powers.

Likewise, Joe Biden as the highest representative of the White House has assured that China has tried to influence so that this new law would not go forward, literally I say that it is not surprising that the Chinese Communist Party actively lobbied U.S. companies against this bill.

According to the above, one of the main objectives of this law is precisely to reverse the enormous dependence of the U.S. on microchips manufactured abroad, especially in China.

Therefore, it is intuitive that in this situation the United States is seeking to lead the world in the production of these advanced chips, however, from my perspective and taking into account the current scenario, investment in semiconductors and scientific research will create more political tension between the two world powers.


DW. US: Biden signs off on semiconductor bill in challenge to China. Link


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