Joe Biden Dismisses Freedom On Vaccine Mandates

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Fuck Joe Biden!

The only ones killing people are the Chinese Govt and CDC that created this bio-weapon and released it on the world. Those are the real killers here.

Also, Vaccine makers are killing people too by fraudulently putting out a shitty vaccine that doesn't work and gives people a false sense of security. Those bastards are criminals too.

I don't care how wonderful you may think the vaccine is, forcing someone to do something against their will like declaring a mandate is morally wrong. Anyone who's a sane, sober , moral person should be opposed to this.



I'm looking forward to the legislation in certain states that will nullify the federal ruling as well as the judges that are going to declare it what it is: Illegal. I mean, we already know what states these will be and their ability to do this is one of the few things I still like about how the US is governed.

Let's go Brandon? :o)

If your a sheep and choose to take the shot, then you are protected, right? These people are evil. They will not stop until we are all under their control. When does it end? Now its the shot, next its you must be sterilized, then, you cannot own a gun, next you cannot speak out against the gov in any way. Unless people wake up right now and stand, it's over. There are more of us than them. We end this now, or they will end us.

They're doubling down because they don't want to admit it's all a fraud and the vaccine doesn't work against the bio-weapon.

100% agree. And this is why we must stand now and not comply with anything from now on.

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