IBT Survival Island - Regular Update

Devastation~~ set back..

In these regular updates we will bring fresh content to Hive in the form of our game coding experiences; IBT is a developing PC game - the one to have future Crypto interactions.

The pain of absolute flawless untainted pure stupidity

Sometimes an upgrade is a great idea. More room to store info, a faster PC and all the other fun that comes with it. So you start to put it all together then you come across your "ye olde" power pack and an issue. Oh no, not enough SATA power plugs for all the drives (HDD's) so I better remove the plug in the power pack and replace it with another one. Oh that's right, I've done lots of jobs here over time, may have gotten some cables mixed up perhaps?? Nahhhhh... Here is a cable, yep, seems to fit but should I make sure this is right? Nahhhhhhhh...... Turn it on now I guess...........................(reaches for power button)

And its all gone...all Hard drives fried..including the one that does the daily backup.

Is IBT over

Even though we probably lost around 5-6 weeks work of IBT and 15 years of irreplaceable sentimental data, is that going to stop us? Ha! Want to lay down and give up... no way! Last time we messed up, we took backups on backups, but sadly we got a bit relaxed and yeah...so having to go to an old USB HDD backup...and yeah, didn't completely learn our lesson...as yeah, its old..approx 5-6 weeks....oh man this is devistating still..

Due to this happening we have now upgraded all our software to the newest version possible, upgraded the OS and moved on to a totally different PC. Naturally this has caused absolute chaos but I think within a week we will be back on track.
But now the pain of..........................REINSTALLING EVERYTHING!


Agony. Yeah, that's brutal.

It sux, but on positive side, reload all software, get latest and greatest, forced PC upgrade -- just yeah..

That physically hurt me.

Especially being not the first time! x_x

Are the backup drives inside the same machine? D:

Yeah backup drives are in same machine...backup, backup is a USB HD I gave to Roachey, but yeah seems he didn't stay regular...it happens and I get it. Lesson learned...again...haha.

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