IBT Survival Island - Regular Update

In these regular updates we will bring fresh content to Hive in the form of our game coding experiences; IBT is a developing PC game - the one to have future Crypto interactions.

Having some fun with the classic game this week, but also continuing to work with menu's making sure they perform and work well for all.

The IBT Tower

For anyone who played IBT there was a tower in it where the final battle would take place. Here we now have the complete 3d version of that tower. It was actually a lot of fun to do this and they do look quite similar.


Nearly completed the IBT Original Intro

With the classic rolling text we have the IBT Original story being told. Behind this text will be images panning and zooming in and out with corresponding images with the text. This will be included in the next demo. Once this is completed and the intro for IBT survival the gameplay will be created.


IBT Loading screens - Survival game

This week we have been working hard on the artwork for the IBT Original and IBT survival loading screens. Unlike the last 12 months we are fully completing each section of both games.


Overall doing it this way will be a lot easier to release since we don't have to back track on what we have and have not done. After release if we do need to make any changes we can. The picture of the road and buildings is actually built using meshes within the editor. We tried our hardest to make it look like a real Aussie location and were really satisfied with the end result. The other picture is from a scene in IBT original with some of the surrounding areas as you travel from area to area.


That is it for this update - happy coding and graphic designing, sound editing....on and on haha some much goes into making a game.

If your keen to get in on one of our demo's for testing then drop me a line and I'll send you a link for a Discord channel we setup some time ago; where you can get links, ask questions and interact with like minded others if so keen to do so.

Cheers and enjoy our upgoats below, thanks to a @ryivhnn



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