IBT Survival Island - Regular Update

In these weekly updates we will bring fresh content to Hive, in the form of our game coding experiences; IBT is a developing PC game - the one to have future Crypto interactions.

Lots of experiments this week to get the tricky stuff to work, but also make sure it fits naturally into the game; Also, we spotted and put aside some code for how we may connect this to hive/block chain. when the time comes this maybe quite useful :).

It's probably a good time to remind readers/followers the art, scenes, story etc. are all original and ready to be loaded into our final game. It takes a really, really long time to make stuff from scratch. Not hours but days in most cases; haha well, best I don't get too heavy, let's get on with this update.

That nice lady down the roads place


Here we have that wonderful ladies place that lives alone on the mountain. It's terrible that some horrible things have happened, and people have gone missing around there too, but it might pay to give the place a visit. I have a few ideas for just making it seem a bit more...witchy haha, but pretty happy with the base house for sure.

Other houses you might find on the outskirts


The miner's hut is where people spend the night if they come across large quantities of precious metals...well you know the drill! haha

Village nearing completion

After spewing a few textures memory errors (UE4 hates us but we don't care, we're still going to take it to the next level!), the village is near completed.


Fine tuning the textures a little and giving the game a little bit extra video memory, it works really well now. Some buildings are fully interactive and contain characters that you can interact with. Just remember not everyone is willing to talk so don't be too friendly. All doors work well and with sound and are easy enough to interact with.

The Towers of IBT


Soooo.. we can't defend a base without towers to lookout and shoot from... can we?. Here we can also see our early generation interface in action, showing all the good things like life levels etc (best I not give too much away). These huge towers scatter the landscape of IBT Island and can be entered. Sometimes items can be left in them from previous battles of the current tenants that live inside them. haha let's see what happens, all stories will connect though and all roads lead to the boss that must be defeated -- the evil sorceress has got to be taken down.

The line compass


The new compass for IBT original has been created, tested and works flawlessly. Using the actual location of the character on each map it sets a permanent north point and operates from there. Most compasses used in maps for editing uses locations that can be edited by dropping a mesh and telling that mesh to be "North" and make the compass point to it. With our compass it uses the real coordinates of the character as a reference and always works from there which sets a permanent north location in every map created automatically.

That is it for this update - it seems we are going to see the last of the nice days here now (weather wise) which means more time to be locked in the house for making games haha yay!!! lots of fun now, I feel like 85% of all code needed to make this thing a fully-fledged release is complete and working nice. A long time in the making but from here in it's about bringing the story to life and finishing touches...on top keeping the tech requirements down so even low-end computers can enjoy this game is becoming very tricky.

People who know me, know while I will honor the themes of the great old text style RPG's of the past -- there are no barriers; this classic part of the game will be, unusual and unique, but most of all heaps of fun....well that's the plan.

Cheers and enjoy our upgoats below, thanks to a @ryivhnn



Yay glad everything continues to go swimmingly :D

Thanks muchly, if I don't get to later have a happy xmas as well.