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RE: As Bitcoin is climbing it has uncovered a flaw with Hive.

Dear @btcvenom

I've noticed that you terminated your delegation to project.hope (which I'm co-founder) and I would like to thank you for all the time you were supporting our efforts.

I like to collect feedback whenever it's possible and I was wondering if you could share with me what was the cause of this cancellation? Perhaps we did something you disapprove? Just wondering. Feedback only helps us to get better and I would gladly appreciate it.

I've seen some of your content and I would like to share small recommendation with you.

Consider joining Project.hope community. They like to share publications related to technology, blockchain, AI and economy, marketing etc.

Our discord server:

Yours, Piotr


Hi @crypto.piotr

I removed the delegation as I have decided I will be manually curating from now. There was nothing the project done that upset me or I disapproved of at all I am just simply taking back my delegations from everyone! I appreciate the work you do with project hope and will possibly give you guys some delegation again in the future.