This is exactly the price action I would expect if someone was trying to acquire enough stake to take over governance of the chain. Thoughts? Anyone know how much Hive has been traded and which wallets are buying?


If I was attempting a takeover then I would do it from an exchange account until it was close to time to attack. Would give you at least a shot at building a sneak attack though the power up process.

That’s a good point. If someone buys the stake far and square, I do not think there is anything that could be done. It would be hypocritical for us to do anything else.

It would definitely make for a tougher public relations sell if the stake is purchased properly though anyone could always fork and run a zombie chain without any investor I guess.

I would honestly imagine much higher prices during an actual takeover though. Getting control here would be much harder than Steem so I imagine prices would go a magnitude higher if it was a buyout attack. Plus I'm pretty sure part of the fork was including power up delay so we could always softfork if say another exchange wanted to help out our foes again.

Naah, just some pump&dump group(s) doing their usuall work. The huobi airdrop was a nice spark and now they can farm.

Absolutely true talk. 👍👍

I followed you brother 💯💯

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Seen it soared really high and I hope I was not too late to mingle with awesome people here not just because of its profitability but just enjoy the platform itself. Dropping by to say hi!