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RE: Цикл "Клементина" - хорошая детская литература + кой-какие попутные размышления об Улье

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I know this post is not related to foreigners, but I tried to read few sentences. And I'm glad I can read it more then 30 years after learning your alphabet. ;)


well, ... hmmm.... it was intended a book review, but I mixed it a lot with some recent issues our members of Russian community experienced (hive watchers consider translation from RU to EN to have zero value, like all of translations is doing with google and it takes 10 sec of copypaste actions only. wrong! -- but they consider it so, and act the same way, in evaluation of the stuff written in EN...)

as for the book -- it is translation of more or less modern American writer. I've read the 1st book with my babygirl (you can see it in one photo - she's 12 y.o., exactly proper time for reading this series!). And currently I work at a kidz publishing house -- and was happy to participate in creation of Russian version of this wonderful series.

Here is for you a brief resume:

The main character is the girl named Clementine. She does not have a non-standard mind, compared to ordinary people, she is very creative and full of fantasies, emotions, thoughts. Such children are called "problem children." Because of this, she arranges for herself many adventures "out of the blue", all these collisions are valuable life experience. This story is not sucked out of the thumb, but taken from the thick of life, without any pathos and moralizing, which many books sin. When you read this book, you really empathize with the heroine, the book is perceived at its own level by both children and adults. And this is an excellent criterion for evaluating a book. This is a very good family read, and can certainly be useful for a "problem child".

I understood what the post was about. But I can't translate the whole post ;)
And I found the book series is available in Czech. I have 9 years old daughter and she reads the similar type of books from one Czech writer.

yes, it might be an international bestseller.
have no idea how much languages it was translated to.
have seen the Madyar covers :P

7+ years is a beautiful kid'z age! 12 and more is already 'teen epoch have started', with all its problems of human relationship, ehehe. wish well to you and your baby!