My journey into Larynx and SPK

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The news of Larynx and SPK came to me sometime last year. Since I hadn't the slightest idea of what they stood for, I just looked on.

Early this year, the news of Larynx airdrop came up where it was said that a snapshot of January 6th of Hive wallet was taken, and that the amount of airdrop will depend on the amount one have on that date. I just looked on too.

I checked my status and saw 80.866 Larynx in first week of April. I couldn't easily claim it until after some trial and error. I cannot say whether the difficulty was from my inexperience or Hivesigner. I was just happy to claim it in the end, even though I didn't know what to do with it.

In May, the airdrop came again, the same amount. It was less cumbersome to claim this one. After this, it became easy to claim, having mastered the process. I then started looking forward to the start of a new month. With that, I acquired more than 400 Larynx.

Now came August, the month to start delegation for the purpose of getting SPK token. That posed another challenge because, as a novice, I struggled to know how to go about it - just like a blind man with his walking stick.

I had to read widely before it became smooth. I had to read the write-ups, mostly on SPK Network blog: @hiro-hive, @oliotes, @cryptosimplify, @mccoy02, @spknetwork among others to find my feet.

The bottom line is that you have to login to to land on the page for powering up and delegation. That page will point to DLUX but, you have to get to SPK to be able to power up and delegate your Larynx to node runners.

Choosing the account name of node operators also was a challenge because there were some 100 or so in number, most who I don't know. I managed to select four familiar account names that have influenced me positively in Hive and distributed the Larynx to them. They're @dbuzz, @pizza.spk, @actifit-3speak and @arcange.spk.

One thing I've learned in all this is that if you want to know everything about Larynx and SPK before you venture in, you may not start at all. I believe it's better to start from somewhere, from the known to the unknown.


Thank you for the mention @ubani.