YouTube Removes My #911Truth Part 11 Upload for 'Hate Speech' After It Was Up for 4 Years

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Today, YouTube decided to remove the most viewed video on my channel, which is the 9/11 Alchemy documentary I uploaded with permission from Christian Hampton of Wolf Clan Media.

Here is the email I received from YouTube.


Note that they didn't even give me a strike or warning, since they state I "may not have realized this was a violation". In other words, they are saying I "didn't realize that my video involved HATE SPEECH". Absolutely comical.

YouTube's Hate Speech policy can be viewed here:


I tried appealing and you can see my comment below.


My comment: The video is a documentary about a major event and does not promote any violence or hatred against any group based on age, race, religion, gender, or victims of major violent events.

Within minutes, YouTube rejected the appeal with no clarification nor further options to explore.


That video had almost 1 million views, but with it gone, the most watched video on my channel now is my Athlete's Foot video...


Links to Watch the Video

Fortunately, I had already uploaded that video to several alternative platforms just in case YouTube ultimately removed it. Those links are shown below.

✈️#911Truth Part 11: Feature Documentary: 9/11 Alchemy – Facing Reality by Wolf Clan Media

Watch the Full #911Truth Video Series:

Additionally, you can view/download the video directly from my OneDrive folder:!As32ynv0LoaIh6pX5mmjz4kmy5m41g?e=DoE1g4

Note that YouTube still hasn't removed (yet) Wolf Clan Media's original 9/11 Alchemy upload:

Previous YouTube Censorship

This actually wasn't the first time that YouTube censored that particular video. When I first uploaded it on 11 September 2018, it went viral and reached 900,000 views in just the first 3 months. YouTube then put it in a "Limited State" and since then it has just about 90,000 views in 4 years. So in a sense, it was already removed from YouTube. I wrote about this in my 2019 post:



If we extrapolate the total views if there was no YouTube censorship, that video would have had near 14 million views!

900,000 / 3 months * 4 years * 12 months / year = 14,400,000 views.

Essentially, the perception on what is and isn't viral on YouTube, and with extension to all of life, is a carefully managed lie.

Total Channel Video Views Removed

When YouTube removes videos from a channel, they also remove the associated statistics with it as well. This means that my total channels video views goes from 10.2 million views to now 9.2 million views. This is plotted below via Social Blade.
Retrieved: 13 October 2022




As the above chart shows, this wasn't the first time I had a giant drop in video views. In October 2020, YouTube forced me to delete all of my #PizzaGate videos to prevent it from getting terminated. There were 32 videos in total but were still a bit shy of the total video views from #911Truth Part 11.

Appeal to Anyone for Help

Since YouTube is still by far the largest video sharing platform in the world, it is important to remain there as long as practically possible.

So, if you know of any other ways to get my upload reinstated on YouTube, please let me know!


YouTube is a joke. I cant understand why we still wonder about hypocritical and selective censorship sensibilities! F*ck them and go forward to the next platform!

Yup. It's become my secondary platform to post on. YT is essentially becoming the modern television now...

Modern television alright 100%