Fishing With Quill Dog Yesterday

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Yesterday was a great day. I woke up early and headed to nearby Stampede Reservoir for some fishing fun with Quill. The weather and water were nice and calm. It was a very relaxing day. Mostly...

I did end up catching one small fish. Pretty sad really, but I now plan on getting a little down rigger for the boat. It should help me get my lures down to were the fish are, which is supposedly kind of deep right now. I saw some fishing reports from fellow anglers out on Stampede yesterday, the bad luck was my fault, they were catching plenty of fish down deeper.

I did not take of photo of the small fish I did catch. There was a moment of chaos right when I was bringing the fish aboard. A gust of wind happened and blew my little umbrella off the boat so I quickly released the fish without photos so I could turn around and go get the umbrella. Other than that incident, everything went smooth.





The last time I went to this spot a couple weeks ago, everything did not go smooth. You can see in the photo below that my engine cover is off. This is how far we made it away from shore...


After a few hours of trying to get it started, I gave up and went home. I was then able to dig around further in the motor, where I found the problem. The "Cam Follower Roller" had broken so no gas was getting to the carburetor. I am not a mechanic but since this old boat and motor were a free gift from my neighbor last year, I figured I'd give it a go. The part was $30 online. I watched a few YouTube videos. And success!!!!

The fact that the boat was actually running yesterday was enough to make me incredibly happy, even though I pretty much failed at the fishing part.



Yes, I failed and did not catch any keepers yesterday. Fortunately, I still have a few Kokanee Salmon in the deep freezer from previous fishing trips so local fish was still on last night's menu. Soy sauce, honey, lemon juice, garlic, and a little corn starch in a cast iron pan. Yum!


Thank you for looking and I hope you all had a great weekend too. Cheers!

Scott Thompson



Quill looks so disappointed in the shot with your boat dead in the water lol. Salmon looks awesome 👍

Hahaha! Yup, he was indeed. I had him sit in the boat for about an hour before I realized it wasn't going to start on the next pull... But then he got to play along the shore for the next couple hours while I messed with the motor, so he was alright.

Wahoo! Reshareed!

Much appreciated!


A problematic boat engine, as always \o
I don't know what's wrong with that type of engine, but they always fail when we need them

B.O.A.T = Bring On Another Thousand... Fortunately this old boat was free and I've only put a couple hundred into it. I had to do some serious patch work along a seam last summer.
After YouTube University videos, I feel like I know the motor much better now. Hopefully it won't fail again anytime soon.

B.O.A.T = Bring On Another Thousand

I so wanted to get a small sail boat, but indeed, it's costly =/

I still like my kayak best. Reasonably priced, tough, doesn't ever have mechanical issues, and I can launch it just about anywhere.

And easier to carry. Have you ever seen those fishing kayaks with pedals? I saw a guy fishing way out in the sea with one of those the other day.

I would love one of those! It would be great to have my hands more free instead of paddling. But I like my tandem kayak because I usually bring my dog.


What an epic picture! Everything that defines man in one single shot \o
beer, fishing, a dog

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