"Hive Twitter" community

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Short tweets.
Max 280 characters.
For longer tweets and threads use comments under your tweet post.
(everything else just like twitter.com)

Let's make it fun. Please follow the rules.

Also looking for MODs to remove long blogs submitted to the community.


Edit: I might disable auto-votes for this community on hive.vote.~~

Edit2: I wasn't aware of d.buzz and their website. It actually looks good. Anyway, I will disable auto-votes on the d.buzz community for what it's worth. I remember they reached out to me about this months ago and it wasn't possible at that moment. I thought their idea was to copy tweets from twitter to hive. (they changed it maybe)


Hey buddy, ive been out of it awhile. What happened to steemfollower? Can't log in?

Good afternoon. This is a good idea worth considering. Thank you.

I do have mixed opinions about this strategy. I think profiles should be "profiled"... to allow the same account to have different filters. Similar to what the Not Suitable for Work option allows. But in this case would make the user to be allowed to choose the mood he/she is on while browsing for posts about his/hers favorites users. I think no one has this feature... not even Facebook, or Twitter.

Nice, community link on Ecency: https://ecency.com/created/hive-113882
could use avatar image as well 👍

Have you seen d.buzz?

I wasn't aware of their website. It looks good.

I've heard of D.Buzz, but never checked it out, between Facebook and Hive, and a busy life, little time is left for any other social media outlets.

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