My New Mountain Bike

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A couple of weeks ago I got a new mountain bike. The rainy season stopped about 12 days ago here, so I've been riding it a lot since then when I have free time.

new bike 1.jpg

I decided to get a new bike because I sold my road bicycle and my other mountain bike is really old. I didn't use my road bike enough because the bike paths here are limited or too bumpy. I didn't want to wreck it and I got about as much as I paid for it (I bought it used).

new bike 2.jpg
The bike came basically assembled, I just removed the protective stuff, attached the pedals, handlebars, and a few accessories.

Being near the countryside, there are a lot of dirt roads, narrow lanes, and rough trails to bike along, so a mountain bike is best. However, my other one was literally falling apart. I bought it like 9 years ago for 250$. I took off a few parts I wanted to keep (I just got a new seat), and left it where everyone else in my building complex seems to abandon bikes (on the outdoor racks).

new bike 3.jpg
As you can see I attached some lights, riding at night without lights is a death wish.

I paid around 450$ for this bike which means it's in the upper end of a cheap bike. The brand name is Domars, it's made in China, but with Korean design. Most of the components are Shimano stuff. I don't plan on riding down ski hills in the summer or racing with it, so I don't need a light frame or high-end components which is what really raises the price.

new bike 4.jpg
I also got a spin bike about 2 months ago, I got this for the rainy season and when I get home from work late, mostly for exercise...not for practice or training

One thing I found about my old bike is that disc breaks are amazing. However, I had the cheap mechanical disc breaks on my old bike and they would often seize up or slip which is dangerous. So I decided to go with hydraulic disc breaks. They are smooth and amazing. Actually there was a version of the bike for closer to 300$ and the only difference was the fork, breaks and front gear shifter. I decided those were important components worth the significant price difference.

new bike 5.jpg
Here is a bike shop where you can rent bikes. It may actually be free for city residents, but I never asked. They give you an adorable frog bike helmet.

I've already been on 3 completely different courses with my bike asides from trying it on my standard course (I use that at night). All of the new courses I tried would have destroyed my road bike and probably my old mountain bike too. No problems on the new one.

new bike 6.jpg

I rode my bike up a nearby mountain called Baekunsan which has a paved road going to about 450m starting from the little bike rental shop above to a military base. Since it is an American base (Camp Madison) and not a Korean base, we can get a lot closer.

I just wanted to do a hill climb. There was only a 300m section I walked which is where you see the washboard style road because it's so steep. Going down was exciting, but I'm sure glad I had the good breaks.

new bike 7.jpg
I rode my bike to the spring.

I even road to another mountain with a Korean base on top called Surisan. Actually, I heard the mountain bike trails here were great so I wanted to try. They were however a little rough, but probably because the rainy season just ended. In any case, I doubt I'll go here often, it was far.

new bike 8.jpg
I rode my bike up some loose rocky paths, it was nice.

I think my bike has 27 gears, so it climbs quite well. There is also a sticker near the handlebars that says 'push harder', this inspires me to do just that, lol. A few hikers who passed by me gave me a crazy look, but I just assume it was because these country folks don't see too many foreigners (there were other cyclists).

new bike 9.jpg
There are a lot of farm roads near me I don't even want to explore in my car

The thing I like most about having a bike is exploring. I've been on most of the major bike trails in Korea. However, there is so much to see without having to travel across the country. I just like being where it isn't so crowded.

new bike 10.jpg
Here is one of my favourite roads, I incorporated it into my regular route.

The route I usually take follows a little stream near my house that starts at a reservoir and goes along the river until it stops at a Korean airbase and American missile site. I've figured out how to turn it into a figure-8, or just follow the river the entire way (there are trails on both sides). If I follow the river it's around 25km there and back, but I can stretch it out to 40km. I like it because I've figured out how to stay on farm roads and non-crowded paths 90% of the time while avoiding level road crossings (under or over :).

new bike 11.jpg
The rice is getting ready to harvest, that's Surisan in the background.

Actually the reason I do the figure 8 is that the trail along the stream is so flat. This gives me variety and takes me up a few small hills in the middle, or partly up one small mountain on the side of the wide valley.

I could ride the other way into Seoul, but that's crowded. I'll pick a good weekend to do it in the fall. It's the only direction I haven't been yet.

Maybe you have noticed this is my first post in a while. Actually, I planned on writing this post late last week, but I just never got around to doing it. It was my first week without posting in about 2 years. I don't know when I'll get back to posting 2~4 times a week, hopefully, I'll find the time again in a couple of weeks.

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Excellent post, it's true, you come to appreciate the countryside close to home as you explore new paths. Nice bike, one day I'll get a MTB, I miss riding dirt tracks.

Thanks. With so many places to explore, I got tired of riding on the busy streets. I recommend getting a good used one first or renting a few nice ones so you know exactly what you want later.

I have a plan to buy a bike but still need time to save my money first.

Great bike for you :)

Thanks. I hope you get a nice bike soon.

Awesome. There used to be nice bikes in Seoul that the city took care of but they closed and replaced them with junk. If my kids didn't grow so much I would buy them bikes but I know as soon as I buy one they will grow out of it. I'm a little afraid of renting bikes during corona. I would love to ride now. Also an exercise bike would be awesome on a rainy day. You make moving to the suburbs more tempting.

I agree. There used to be places that would rent out great bikes free to residents in Seoul (just not in the most popular han river areas). They also used to fix bikes for free and sell cheap spare parts.

Now the new green and white bikes are all over, but they cost money and are not very good. The worst part is how they brag about it.

Suwon used to have a similar pay one, but now they are opening up these proper shops.

Seoul definitely had better bike paths ~ if they aren't crowded, but I do like the small farm roads and trails best.

Wishing you many hours of happy cycling, exploring the countryside and surrounding regions. Nice healthy way to get around using man-power saving money on public transport.

First bike I learned to ride had no hand brakes nor fancy gears, they were heavy an art to get going. Later ladies bicycles became more available with 3 speed gears and hand brakes, good transport to and from school that was a round trip of about 10 kms.

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I remember when I was young I had a bike that had breaks which worked when pedalling packwards.
With a roundtrip of 10km the bike would definitely be nice. I hope it wasn't too hilly or bumpy.

We had plenty of hills to climb to school, homeward bound was a breeze mostly downhill.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your ride.

Haha, thanks you, too. I used to have a similar ride to work (9km return, 4.5 each way), except I lived on top of the hill. Actually I didn't really mind that it was easier getting to work and I don't care if I'm all sweaty when I get home because I can change and shower anyway.

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I want to see the frog helmet.

Suwon City's mascot is the green tree frog...
Best part is the helmets are for adults and kids, but this is east asia, so yeah normal.

Maybe I'll rent one when the pandemic dies down or go into a shop next time I'm in the area where they are and snap a few pics.

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